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on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Change

By: Thanmaya Navada Change The Perks Of Being
A Wallflower sees his life in a different way because of friends
friends graduate
more confident for next year Things change and friends leave, and life doesn't stop for anybody
~ Charlie Quotes Charlie changing schools and making new friends makes us see things in a different way Charlie goes through a lot of change friends help him learn new things about himself, his family and the rest of the world when he finds out his Aunt Helen molested him he begins to think of her in a different way shows mental/intellectual change Charlie feels insecure and worried because of the death of his best friend and Aunt thinks no matter who you be friends with, they will leave he learns that a lot of things do change when you move from one school to another the seniors support his individuality and love of writing, music and poetry the world will keep moving even if things change there are people out there that will support you no matter what and that not everybody is the same Understanding
Change How does this text help me to understand change? Change To make or become different Why is understanding change an important part of our lives? All of us face change at some point in our lives cause something to change bring change upon ourselves many characters change in texts Charlie starts high school
shy and suffering from a mental disability best friend commits suicide
favourite Aunt dies
finding it hard to cope he writes to an unknown friend regularly two seniors, Sam and Patrick, decide to befriend him
he develops a crush on Sam.
he creates a bond with his English teacher, Bill Patrick, Sam tell him about drugs, smoking and sexuality.
he then begins to smoke learn to lie to his parents because sister falls pregnant
flashback of Aunt and finds out she molested him
mental breakdown The Perks of being a Wallflower is a book that everybody can relate to the characters with. The Perks of Being a Wallflower shows mental/intellectual and social change. Same change that I went through when moving schools
Both lost friends and gained some When Charlie finds out about his Aunt he changes a lot mentally
That can happen to anyone if they go through the same thing Might not realise we changed
Helped me notice social change Might not think drastic change will ever happen This book put those ideas into a real life situation
Can change drastically over a small period of time Autism The End Thank you for watching :) Charlie Charlie on his first day of high school Sam Charlie Patrick Charlie with his friends Finally... Why is understanding change an important part of our lives? understanding change is an important part of our lives. it helps us find out how things and people change. other people changing can affect us too helps us find out more about that person. things and people change to adapt to another way of life. everyone needs to adapt occasionally Whether it is moving schools or having a close relative or friend pass away, we need to adjust to living a different way. By understanding change, it can help us to adapt to our new environment. Stephen Chbosky learning small things can change your view on something big friends influenced him to make the choices he did This quote shows what Charlie learns from his friends. Charlie adapted to high school and death shows social change
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