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Steven Arevalo

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Cricket

Cricket is believed to have been started in the 16th century and maybe even earlier. Watch our presentation to learn more about Cricket.
How to play

Cricket is one of the oldest sports and still thrives today. There is no official document on when it started. It has been believed to be thought of by children from southeastern England. It started as a child's game but then was made into an adult version in the 17th century. Back then the ball was made of mattle lumps of sheep wool and the bat was made of crook or farm. But wierdly, it was first mentioned of in 1598. Later in 1611, an older man testified because he and his friends played a game called "crecket". There were many more mentions of the game before and after the civil war because a new government rule had put a stop to more athletic sports like football and cricket. But after the Restorion of 1660 cricket began to grow even more and even attracted gamblers to the game. In 1664, the Gaming Act put a limit on the wickets to 100 pounds. By the 17th century cricket got passed on to other parts of the world and by the end of the 17th century people put bets on cricket games.
Thanks FOr watching!!!
If you ever play a cricket game listen to this so you know what you're doing. There are 11 main players in a game. The bowler is pretty much the pitcher of a cricket game. The ball has to bounce once and go at the direction of the batter. If the ball doesn’t bounce then it’s a no ball. A fast paced pitcher's speed is from 80 to 90 mph. A medium pitcher's speed is from 60 to 80 mph. A slow paced pitcher's speed is from 45 to 55 mph. The Wicket Keeper is like the catcher of a cricket game. He stands behind the batsman's wicket, and has to catch any balls that go past the wicket. He can also catch the balls that are thrown to the wicket to get the batsman out. The Slips is catching location behind the wicket on the off side. The leg slip is located on the leg side. The Gully stands behind the slip. The Cover is a spot on field protected by a fieldsman. Covers can play 3 positions short extra cover, extra cover, or deep extra cover.
The players in cricket need a lot of protective gear. Pitchers and wicket keepers need gloves, elbow pads, chest guards, thigh pads, shin guards, and shoes. Batters have all of this plus a helmet and a bat.
Where Cricket is played
These are the teams that are in the ICC (International cricket tournament). They are Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Kenya, and Scotland.
Players 2
Fun facts
The longest cricket game ever was in 1939 between England and South Africa, it ended after 14 days in a tie.
When a batsman scores 100 points it is called a century
Once a cricket game was suspended because a pig ran across the field
The most common causes to stop a cricket game is rain and bad light
We hope you enjoyed our video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Mid on/ Mid off is a little hard to understand. If a player is right handed and he hits it to the left then it's called "Mid off". If the same batter hits the ball to the right then it would be called "Mid on". The Square Leg is the position farthest away from the pitch. The Fine Leg is another position behind the wicket and is close to the longitudinal axis of the pitch. The Long off is near the boundary and is to the right behind the wicket of the bowler. The Long Off is almost in front of the batter. The position is located on the off side. The Long on is located near the boundary line and is almost to the left and behind the bowler’s wicket. He is located on the leg side. The Third Man is near the boundary and is behind the wicket on the off side. Those are the players of a cricket game. As I said if you ever play cricket don't forget this.
By: Steven and Jack
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