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Into the Primitive (TCOW Chapter 1 Presentation) MOO!


Jennifer Rodriguez

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Into the Primitive (TCOW Chapter 1 Presentation) MOO!

You can picture that a dog, Buck is jumping in midair but gets hit by a club but holds the pain in, by gritting his teeth and a surge of pain would run through his body
Narrative Elements
Questions and Answers
Literary Devices
Review on Symbolism
• Chapter 1 | Group 2 •
The Call of the Wild

Vidhi Amin, Michael Flores, Sophia Gonzales, Kanu Grover, Christine Han, and Jennifer Rodriguez
English 7 HP
Ms. Sesky | Per. 4
8 May 2014
Major Characters
• Buck [Protagonist/Main Character]
• Manuel [the gardener's assistant/Buck's abductor]
• the man in the red sweater
• Perrault [the man who bought Buck]

• time: Klondike Gold Rush (late 1890's)
• place:- Judge Miller's estate in Santa
Clara Valley, CA
- San Francisco, CA
- different vehicles (train, taxi, etc.)
- Klondike, Alaska
• Environment: -rich, castle-like estate
-dirty, shabby vehicles
-hot to cold
Last week we discussed that:
The man in the red sweater symbolizes violence, anger, and danger.
The chinese lottery that the gardener played represented the chances he took that wouldn't always end up the way he wanted.
The snow symbolizes purity and how Buck is entering a new world and leaving his old world of luxury.
The club symbolizes the new alpha. It tells Buck that he is no longer in charge and that someone else has power over him and his actions.
Into the Primitive
• emotional setting: -leaving comfort zone
-leaving the royal carefree life
• other elements of setting: -CA to Alaska
-living in opposite worlds

• Internal: Buck is accustomed to being the "king" of his environment and of people who live in it. Buck has to adapt to being a regular dog where others are his master/king and he is not.
• External: Buck is abducted and dragged into the wild. His fancy life is taken away from him and he has to adapt to this new way of life. He lets his aggressive side loose as he constantly attacks and tries to run away.

In page one, the author mentions yellow metal, which is gold. Gold represents something of fortune and yellow is a bright happy color, so it foreshadows something of fortune and happiness to probably occur later on.
Other Narrative Elements
Theme and Symbolism:
On page three Buck's father symbolizes the teachings and life lessons that Buck learned throughout the years,
since he always
stuck with
his dad.
-Hero's Journey
• Stages achieved in Chapter 1:
-The Call
• Buck is "called" to his journey when he is abducted to Manuel. That scene from the story also brings the reader in to the beginning of the story and of a great adventure.
- The Threshold
• At the end of the chapter, Buck is in Alaska where he experiences his first snow. He is left between known (the environment he is accustomed to) and unknown (Alaska).
• This suggests that "The Challenges" will most likely occur in the next chapter (Chapter 2).

AND more symbolism...
On page four the rope can represent how society's expectations can or have already taken over Bucks peace and loyalty. The rope symbolize how his happiness is being pulled away and represents how society is caught up with making dogs work, with one of them as Buck.
• Also foreshadows how naturalism will affect Buck later on
- The setting will affect Buck. The snow will help transform Buck and have him adapt to the environment. He will most likely become stronger.
- Transformation
• "His eyes turned blood-shot, and he was metamorphosed into a raging fiend. So changed was he that the Judge himself would not have recognized him..." (7)
It only took quite some time for Buck to slowly transform from a dog who loved humans to a dog that found humans as his enemy. He changed rapidly, showing a different violent side of him.
Other Literary Devices and a Review of the slide
We realized that we noticed were :
BUT we noticed that there weren't many similes
Slide Review
The main character, Buck, a well-groomed dog who lived in a rich estate and is half St. Bernard and half sheepdog, is the protagonist of the story.

The story takes place in different vehicles and at the man in the red sweater's land (where he hits Buck with a club various times). However, the story begins in Judge Miller's royal estate and ends in Alaska.

The conflict is that Buck has to adapt to his new environment and the new life he was dragged into.

Other Narrative Elements:
In chapter one, Buck went through two stages in the Hero's Journey (the Call and the Threshold). This foreshadows that the Challenges will occur soon.

The setting will help Buck transform and adapt to the environment and the new life he will be living.

Buck transformed only a few days after he was abducted by the gardener's assistant and his partner in crime. He became a human-hating dog.
One example of imagery is:
" In mid air, just as his jaws were about to close on the man, he received a shock that checked his body and brought his teeth together with an agonizing club. He had never been struck by a club in his life, and did not understand..." (8)
One theme that can be
shown here is that
parents stick with you but one day you will eventually be on your own. This difficulty that Buck is facing right now foreshadows that he will have to learn how to take care of himself instead of simply doing
carefree things that could
cause him problem.
Buck is lost between two different worlds, his known and unknown. To clarify, Buck is lost in the world of "salvages" as he calls it and wants to find his way back to the world of luxury, where he was king.

Buck, like Tom sawyer is being trapped by society in to being the good and perfect dog. Also the dog that is big and has much fur so that it can survive the whether of the Klondike Gold Rush.

Another insight we had is that we had is that in the near future Buck might be able to accept the aggression and become an Alpha wolf, where aggression is a sign of weakness.
by our classmates :)
At the end of the next page
the man in the red sweater
gave water to Buck, which
symbolizes faith and clarity in
Buck's understanding of the new
world that he entered. It also shows how Buck is starting to accept his new "home" instead of rebel.
"Don't judge a book by its cover" can be the theme, like don't judge a person by how you first met them. For example, California can symbolize a good life that will give you comfort, but there are bad things about California like the pollution rate and horrid people (Manuel).

The first page foreshadows that his life would change very quickly and trouble will come very soon.

In the story, California is merely a place. Alaska was the place where you could earn fame and glory, but usually, with all the movie stars coming from California and gaining their fame here, it makes the setting somewhat ironic.
Other Literary Devices (Explanations)
- Personification
• "For two days and nights this express car was dragged along the tail of shrieking locomotives..." (6)
- It means that the locomotive were very loud, and creating a distinct, "shrieking" sound in Buck's ears.
- Imagery
• "The rope tightened mercilessly, while Buck struggled in great fury, his tongue lolling out of his mouth..." (4)
- This helps me picture the struggle and pain Buck is going through and makes me sympathize Buck. I can see Buck's damp tongue hanging out of his mouth as he is carried. I can see the rope tightening slowly, choking Buck, restricting him from being able to breathe.
Who is the man in the red sweater? Will he try to hurt Buck at any other time in his life?
How will the new cold snowy weather (naturalism) affect Buck? Will it be for the good or bad?
Will Buck's aggressive nature that is showed to the men affect his future position as an alpha?
Why did they have to abduct dogs? Couldn't they breed their own?
Why do they give the name of Buck's buyer, but not other enemies?
Is the man in the red sweater the threshold guardian?
You can picture that a dog, Buck is jumping in midair but gets hit by a club but holds the pain in, by gritting his teeth. This can be pictured in our minds. Therefore, it is imagery.
Other Insights that we found were:
From a classmate: What the gardener basically tried
to do is that he sold Buck for fame and glory, and fame and glory symbolizes fame and glory. (ex: Hollywood)
What we found:
The ship that guided Buck through the new world represents the teachings that Buck learned and how they guided him through situations like that.
And Please remember to review Chapter 1
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