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Ham days

The hit , Ham days is on PREZI! Come and see! The funny comedy of HAM. Contains days 1-4

Flipnoteproductions !

on 6 November 2010

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Transcript of Ham days

Double click anywhere & add an idea HAM DAYS Ham days. Day of the ham. Its like an invasion. Of Ham. People are going nuts.Ham. I'll give you 100$ in cash for it. Thats what they say. So I have to take on the burden. Of writing a journal. Of the HAM. Day 1:The madness continues. The Ham crazyness. It goes on. I cant stop it. You cant. Nobody can. But still. People get in a 6-hour line for it. While the people are waiting for the ham, some find it easier to steal the Ham from early line-goers. The scream. Yell. Threaten. Punch. Kick. Just for the ham. While these people break their faces, The butcher is makin a bundle. I hear he charges 50$ a slice. And he gets away with it. Some desprate people swosh hundreds of bills right in the butchers face. I heard some lady paid 800$ for one slice of HAM. Day 2:Still, the Ham line is long.Its getting longer. Heard its up to 8-hour lines now. Looked at the prices.Their up to 100$ now. One word makes anybody go nuts. Ham. By the time this Ham crazyness thing is over,there won't be anymore ham on the face of this earth. From the way it looks now, trees are scraming for the Ham. Everybody wants the HAM. Season 1 Day 3: The lines get longer. Now the only way to stop the Ham madness is if all the Ham disappeared. But that's not gonna happen anytime soon. 12-hour lines. When I went into the Butcher shop to check prices, It was a pound (3 slices.) for 350$. One slice:120$ Do the math, its cheaper to but three slices. But one at a time, he says. If you want another, go to the end of the line. Now even Granny wants HAM. Day 4: The line has tripled from the 6-hour line. 18-hour lines crowd. This must stop. Its driving people mad. Its like a never ending Black Friday at 3:00 AM. Soon people will be waiting aroung the clock.Mark my words. I saw the butcher driving a limo. Hes probabily makin millons for cuttin meat. He has a body guard soon. But the madness continues. And it will, In the HAM DAYS. TO BE CONTINUED IN SEASON 2...
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