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The Westing Game hiers

By:Emily Callery

Emily Callery

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of The Westing Game hiers

Sam Westing Grace Wexler Born Gracie Windkloppel 42yrs old The Westing Game Hiers
By:Emily 2 Daughters Spends most of her time in chinese restaurant or the beauty parlor Partneres with Mr.Hoo Angla Wexler 20yrs Old Engaged to Denton Deere Finished 1 year of College A victim of the 3rd bombing Partnered with Sydelle Jake Wexler 45yrs old Graduated from Marquette Has been married for 22yrs 2 daughters Partnered with Mme.Hoo Turtle Wexler 13yrs old Real name is Tabath-Ruth Wexler Jr.high school student Plays the stock market Smart kid Kicks pepole Has a braid Partners with Flora Flora Maiden name Flora Miller 60yrs old dress maker Husband left her 2 yrs ago Partnered with Turtle James Shin Hoo 50yrs old Born in Chicogo Added Shin Hoo to his name for buissness His first wife died 5yrs ago from cancer Married again last year Partners with Grace Wexler 1 Son Married to Sun Lin Hoo Doug Hoo 18yrs old High school track star Thinks he was cheated Son of James Shin Hoo Partners with Theo Sun Lin Hoo 28yrs old She was born in china Imagreated from Hong Kong 2yrs ago Married to James Partners with jake Wexler Denton Deere 25yrs old Graduated from UW medacial school Engaged to Angla Partnes with Chris Sydelle 50yrs old Broke her anckel at the 2nd bombing Limped on both legs painted cruches Theo Theodorakis high school sienor Brothers with Chris Ended up Marring Turtle Partners with Doug chris Theodorakis he has a dieses Brothers with Theo Partners with Denton Deere Berthe Erica Crow Was in a relathionship with Sam Otis Amber Volontrys at the soup kitchen Partners with Crow Starting a relation ship with Crow Violet Westing Daughter of Sam Westing and Berthe Erica Crow She drowned herself Judge J.J Ford Shes a judge Owes Mr.Westing money 57yrs old Her mother died at childbirth Partners with Sandy Wife of Jake Wexler Sandy doorman at Sunset Towers He does know how to play chess He's Mr.Westing in the end
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