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Areospace Engineering Prezi

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Ian Kaneshiro

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Areospace Engineering Prezi

Ian Kaneshiro Areospace Engineering They are in charge of the design, manufacture and testing of aircraft
They decide if a project is possible, physically and financially
Create criteria for how to build and sustain a project after it is build.
Make quality standards and completion dates Nature of Their Work Aeronautical Engineering- Work on aircraft. mainly designing the aircraft and propulsion system and study aerodynamic performance Aerospace Engineers usually specialize in either Astronautical Engineering- Deal with he science and technology of spacecraft and how they work inside and outside Earth's atmosphere They need a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering: This includes learning in the classroom, lab and field about...
General Engineering Principles
Stability and Control
Aerodynamics 1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Best Schools 2. Georgia Institute of Technology 3. University of Michigan Over time an aerospace engineer can become a technical specialist or supervise a team of engineers and technicians.
They can even become engineering managers or get executive positions,like program manager.
But getting a managerial position usually requires being an apprentice under another, more experienced, aerospace engineer. Job Advancement Aerospace engineering is projected to grow slower than most jobs with a growth rate of 5% from 2010-2020.
That means there are going to be only 4000 new jobs. What is the job outlook? The average wage in 2010 was $97,480. The lowest 10% earned $60,620 and the highest 10% earned $143,360.
This is more than most engineering fields and almost 3x as much as the average income How much do they make? Some jobs that are similar to this one or in the same field of work are...
Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians
Architectural and Engineering Managers
Computer Hardware Engineers
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technicians
Mechanical Engineers
Materials Engineers Related Careers What kind of education do they need?
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