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The FoodBind


Stacy Garay

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of The FoodBind

One con is that you can put up a lot of weight and you can get fatter.
You can become unhealthy of eating to much junk food.
Another con is that you might never stop eating junk food.
The Invention
The name of our invention is The FoodBind. We named it this way because we combined a binder with food. With that we made a binder that makes any food you want.
Information About the Inventors
The inventors of this item are Stacy Garay and Alison Lopez. We thought that if we could make something that can make food anytime. So we came up with a binder combined with food. This invention would help us so you can eat anywhere or anytime you want.
Who Uses It?
How To Use
The FoodBind
By: Alison L. and Stacy G.
First, you open the binder.

Then, you type in the name of the food you want.

Last, the food you typed in will appear in front of you.
Photo Not Available
How Has the invention impacted society?
Will it be useful forever?
Anyone can actually use this invention.
Anyone can use it because it is easy to use.
People use this invention when they are hungry or they just want to eat something.
One of the pros is that you can eat anything that you want if you have it.
The second one is that you can get the food for free and that many people won't know how you got it
The third one is that you will maybe be the only one who won't have to pay while others will have to.
The last pros is that you will get anything without even having to get out of the house
One out every five students will have The FoodBind the first day it comes out.
You can get any food that you can think of from any place in the world.
It would maybe be useful forever because people wouldn't stop using it if they like. Another reason why it would be useful forever is if nothing else like this invention comes out.
It has impacted society by giving food for people who really need it.
It has also impacted society by preventing waste of money on a lot of food.
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