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Inventors and inventions: scavenger hunt 2

No description

Raquel Montoya(:

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Inventors and inventions: scavenger hunt 2

Inventors and Inventions: Scavenger Hunt 2 who invented the Frisbee?? Answer:A group of collage kids What invention did Vannevar Brush write about in a 1949 essay?? Answer: The hyper text How did the Frisbee get its name? Answer: From a Baker Did Ben Franklin "invent" electricity??? Answer: No Answer: He proved it was a natural nature. What were his contributions to the study of electricity? Which inventor was often called the "Lady Edison"? For which invention did she receive her first her first patent? Answer:Vacuum ice freezer Answer: Beulala Louise Henrry Who invented the microphone? What is his inventions connections to the Bell Telephone Company? Answer: Emily Berliner Answer: he invented telephone transmitter which was acquired by the Bell Telephone Company. How was the way in which Leonardo da Vinci looked at machines diffrent from the way most artist and craftsman of his time looked at them. Answer: he always looked at the machines for the future. What are the 3 out of 9 questions you might ask yourself to dermine weather your invention is worth patenting? Answer:Would other people injoy my invention, would it sell as a product, and would another person try to steel my idea. Which architectural and engineering innovations most influenced the development of the skyscraper? Answer: The Invention of the elavator and the invention of steel. Who was the inventor of the first television? Answer: Allen White Answer: I have a flat screen and there are no antennas How was that television different form the one in your home? Thomas Edison is often called the "Wizard of Menlo Park" of what importance was Menlo Park to Edison's life? Answer: Menlos Park was the location of Edison's workshop and where he resided that is where all his important discovers were made. BY : Raquel Montoya
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