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Belly Dance Presentation

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Kirsten Vansteelandt

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Belly Dance Presentation

Belly Dance Elizabeth, Janelle, Kirsten & Sara History Belly dance originated in Egypt as a religious dance. It was also used as a birthing dance, which would ease the pain. Other forms of belly dance originated in Europe, Africa and Asia.
Belly dance came to North America in 1893 at the Chicago World Fair, where dancers from the Middle East and North Africa came to showcase belly dance. A dance with rapid hip movements was a surprise to the Victorian era and most people did not agree with it.
In the next couple of decades, belly dance could only be found at vaudeville, burlesque, and carnival sideshows.
It has recently become more famous because it is a good way to stay fit, helps spiritually, and can be something for someone to express themselves. Costumes Egypt- a separate decorative bra and a skirt are worn, belts are rarely used and any embellishment is embroidered directly on the tight. A dancer must cover her belly button by law especially during the times when Egypt had strict regulations regarding modesty, to get around this law dancers were to wear a body or stomach stocking to cover the entire stomach area. Egyptian dancers typically dance with bare feet but in present day many wear flats of even high heels

Lebanon- there is no law preventing the stomach from showing, bedleh style is more common. The skirts are more sheer and show more of the body than Egyptian outfits. High heels are commonly worn

Turkey- Turkish dancers also wear the bedleh style costumes. In the 1980 and 90`s a costume style developed with skirts designed to display both legs up to the hip and plunging bras. The Turkish belly dance costumes reflect a more playful and flirty style of the dance Belly Dance Tribal Cabaret This style is an improvised dance. This style is choreographed and has some specific dances. -Uses cues to transition
-Zills are used as decoration to slow music
-Zills are played with rapid beat music -Veil Dance
-Sword Dance Tribal Cabaret Westernized & Pop Culture After the Chicago World Fair in 1893, belly dance went against Victorian sensibilities and thus became exotic and also illegal. Victorian society was affronted by this shocking dance and dancers could be arrested and fined. The dance became very sexualized in the west, as it drew men in. Going against everything media has taught, belly dancers are preferred to be thicker, because the more there is to jiggle, the better. Singers use belly dancing in their music videos to look sexy and to dance provocatively. The first singer to start using belly dancing in their music videos was Latino singer Shakira in her video “Hips Don’t Lie”. Singers who followed Shakira were Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Yvonne De Carlo, Jessica Simpson, Beyoncé, Ciara, and Hilary Duff. Also belly dancing was feature in movies and television shows. Some of the movies were James Bond 2 and Mr. Wrong (with Ellen DeGeneres), and some of the television shows were Batman, Sex and the City, Simpsons, and Whose Line is it Anyways. Male Belly Dancers Clearly the dance is primarily done by females but believe it or not, males can belly dance too. Men often wear pants, no shirts, or vests, along with the choice of head gear if preferred. Sparkles are often spread over the body as embellishment because bras are not worn. Belly Dance Fun Facts - Isolating specific areas of the body
- Different levels of learning Music The music is mainly Arabic music but it varies. The drum is an essential instrument to have a definite beat. During or after a performance, clapping is not encouraged, rather making a guttural mouth noise. Belly dancing has became popular for a workout regimen. It was used in workout videos and DVDs. With working out through belly dancing, there are many different health benefits. They include improved posture and muscle toning, weight loss, preparation for child birth, building back muscles evenly, aiding in digestion, exercising arms, and stress reduction. Zumba is a descendant of belly dancing made specifically for exercise. Here in Regina there are studios such as, Belly Dance by Linda, or Earth Moves Belly Dancing.
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