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marshmallow launcher

No description

Lauren Sterling

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of marshmallow launcher

marshmallow launcher

we have to design a marshmallow launcher. the launcher must be able to fire from three specific position for various
brainstorm solution

marshmallow launcher
explore possibility
brain store pules
it lunches futrher
you can use all
materials that they
give strong, sturdy

criteria and
(15) craft sticks
wood string
rubber bend
card bord
1- court is marked
with a line "24" from the basket.
2. The backboard is 12” wide and 7” high. The rim is 14” high and has a diameter of about 4”.
3. The marshmallow launcher must fit within a 1’x1’ footprint.
4. The energy source (rubber band) must be attached to the device.
5. The design must be accessible by all persons, easy to use, flexible in use.

select an approach
wood stinks
launcher 1 launcher 2 launcher3

2 2 3
2 1 3
3 1 2
3 3 2

develop a design proposal
make a model or prototype

test and evaluate

We noticed that as the trials increased, the number of shots we took mostly increased as well. In Trial One, we made 0 of the shots we took at all points (1, 2, and 3). After that, we evaluated the model and added more glue and a base to the launcher so it's more stable. We went back and tested again for Trial 2 and we made 20% of the shots at point 1 and 40% of the shots at point 3. We did one last trial and our number of shots increased. At point 1, we shot 60% and at point 2 we shot 40%.
1- not strong
2- not enough rubber
3- take time
refine the evaluate
* We add a cardboard box that would supports the launcher.
* We added a bottle cap to holds thye marshmallow
*we added more rubber bands so the launcher would be more flexible

create or make solution
communice process and results

In our best trial, our efficiency calculation was 40. As the trials increased, our efficiency increased too.
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