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Eduarda Moreira

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Brazil

Eduarda Silvino Moreira

Rotary Club de Lima Duarte - Brazil
Rotary Club Holland Noon - USA
My country is beautiful!
Brazil has approximately 192,376,496 inhabitants and its area is 5,291,452 mi².
We have 26 states and the Federal District.
A Little about history...
Our President is Dilma Rousseff
and the capital is Brasilia
Earlier Brazil was populated by large indigenous groups.
In 1500, the caravels of Pedro Alvarez Cabral, coming from Portugal, he saw a hill. "Land ho!". Portugal colonized Brazil and began mixing of races: Indians, Portuguese and blacks (slaves from Africa).
On September 7, 1822, the Emperor Dom Pedro I declared the independence of Brazil. "Independence or Death".
Currency: Real
The climate is Tropical. The summers are
And the winter is ... Wait, we don't have winter !
Amazon Rain Forest
The largest rain forest in the world. It has giant trees, plants & animals of all types and tropical fruits with unique flavors.
The Amazon has a population formed with Indian influence, a characteristic noted in folklore full of stories and festivals.
The tourist can do eco-tours, admire the culture and folk festivals or meet beautiful cities and historic places.
65% of the population and me are Catholic.
We speak
not Spanish!
Brazil is the seventh largest economy of the world. Major exporter. Brazil is seen by many economists as a country with great potential for development. Pioneer in the search for oil in deep waters.
Iguaçu Falls:
Formed 150 million years ago, it's located on the border between Brazil and Argentina. The falls are in the Iguaçu National Park, and there is also the Itaipu Dam, the second largest dam in the world, responsible for most of the electricity consumed in Paraguay, and also by the energy coming to Brazil.
Beaches of the Northeast:
The northeast coast has the best beaches of Brazil. With warm and sunny climate all year, they are of many kinds, deserted beaches and bustling, suitable for surfing or without waves.
rio de janeiro
One of the seven wonders of the world, Cristo Redentor is a monument of Jesus Christ, it was founded in 1931. It's located on the Corcovado Mountain. One of the biggest events in Rio is the Carnaval, which, according to the Guinness Book is the biggest party on the planet with 5 million people playing in the city streets.
It's Latin America's largest theme park, located in Santa Catarina, Brazil.
beto carrero world
Brazilian Food
The Brazilian cuisine changes according to region, reflecting the combination of native and immigrant populations in the country.
My city :) Lima duarte
It has an area of 528 mi². The temperature is between 86ºF and 40ºF.
Belong to Lima Duarte the villages of São José dos Lopes, São Domingos da Bocaina; Souza, Monte Verde, Mogol, Manejo, Orvalho, Palmital e Capoeirão.
what do i do there?
The fauna is rich with species of great significance to tourism.

It's a village located 14mi from Lima Duarte. It have the Ibitipoca State Park.
my school
my family <3
district 4580
It's currently composed of 10 areas and 43 Rotary clubs. And the Governor of District 2013/14 is Mrs. Angela Maria Silva Rezende.
Exchange Students
Rotary Club de Lima Duarte
My Sponsor Club was founded on June 27, 2007, the Club conducts several projects for the benefit of our city. The President 2013/14 is Mr. Oldair José Paiva.
thank you!
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