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The Buzzes and Hisses and Bangs

By Anthony Burgess

Colin Arnott

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of The Buzzes and Hisses and Bangs

The Buzzes and Hisses and Bangs By Anthony Burgess Plosives Definition
To Hold back the air that rises from the lungs and then suddenly
release it. This consonant thus produced is called a plosive or a
stop consonant
Unvoiced Plosives Imprisoning air in the mouth, then suddenly permit our lips to part /P/
'pup' or 'pip' Dental Plosives Striking the tip of the tongue to the teeth 'th' and 't' one uses a downward cupped tongue
and the other uses a upward cupped tongue Voiced Plosives /b/, /d/ and /g/ Extra Outside sounds Nasal Sounds Experiment With Say 'kitten', 'garden', bottn', 'shopman'', and the /p/ or /t/ or /d/ explode throu
the nose. The tongue or lips remain in the position for the plosive and the soft palate drops to let air rush out through the nose for the nasal consonant that follows. Say "Parding, Mrs Harding, is my kitten in your garding, a-eating of a mutting bone" Fricatives consonants made by rubbing the air-stream between two vocal organs that
have been brought into very close proximity Bilibial Fricatives Aspirated /p/ which has become a pure /f/: phonetics
Is like a combination of /p/, /f/ and /h/ but has been changed throughout time to become an /f/ As well, in greece the bilibial fricitive of v of the spanish vaso
has changed what was known as the true sound of beta, which
is a /b/ Mixing up of /v/ with /w/ and beta Tony Weller- Be wery carefull o' vidders
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