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Climate Change and Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are getting bigger due warming sea surfaces.

tyler pinkerton

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Climate Change and Natural Disasters

What is Climate change?
Climate change is a change in average weather that a given region experiences. Has to do with wind patterns, temperature and precipitation.
What affects
What Affects Climate Change?
The factor affecting climate change is mostly due to the greenhouse effect.
Because of the greenhouse effect the Earth is getting warmer and it`s causing this drastic change in climate. this is called global warming

What are these warmer temperatures doing to the Earth?.
Seeing the World Through the
Eye of a Tornado

Over the past few decades we have seen a large increase in not just the amount but also the intensity of natural disasters

When climate changes cause the earth to be warmer, natural disasters can become more intense, especially in coastal regions. One example is hurricanes. Warmer climates can cause forces in the atmosphere to clash, which can affect the sea below. Also, heat waves, can lead to an increased number of wild fires. The same with hurricanes. Bad storms are created by warm water surfaces moisture and heat mixing with the atmosphere above it. The heat and moisture must mix together which will create what would be considered a powerful engine to power the hurricanes and bad storms.
But that isn`t all, it also effects the intensity of tsunami's , wild fires from the dry heat in forests, cyclones and flash floods.
Problem #1
Natural disasters physically destroy regions and leave them in a heap of wreckage. this leaves people killed, homeless or badly injured. this will also put a large amount of emotional trauma on these people.
Problem #2
The economy is severely effected by natural disasters. According to the National Hurricane Center, hurricane Katrina cost the economy over 75 billion dollars when it slammed into New Orleans in 2005.
Things We Can Do To Stop This
We can start by reducing are energy and carbon doixide emissions by a noticable amount doing things such as:
-Turning out the lights.
-Buying your produce locally.
-Buying a hybrid car.
-Replacing your compact lightbulbs with florescent light bulbs.
-ride your bike to shorter distance places.
This is a graph from the International disaster database and it shows the number of disasters in the last century

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