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Rachelle's History Presentation

History Project for chapters 1,2 and 3

Rachelle Gementiza

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Rachelle's History Presentation

EXCLUDED GROUPS By: Rachelle Gementiza People who weren't Included were Women
and Aboriginal People - such as First nations,
Metis and Inuit Basic Question:
Who wasn't involved
with the negotiations? Big Question:
Who decided that women and
Aboriginal people couldn't vote
or have the right of speech?
If women and Aboriginal People
did have a right of speech,
what would they say? Women and Aboriginal people were excluded. ceratin groups from the Aboriginal people that were excluded are First nations, Metis and Inuit people. WHO? who? who? who? WHY? why? why? Women were excluded because,
for one reason, men thought that
women weren't as knowledgeable
as men were. Aboriginal People were excluded too. The government thought that women and Aboriginal People shouldn’t have a right to speak because it was unnecessary. If women had a right of speech, they would have said that they still should have had the right to vote. Women before weren’t only the ones who should take care of the house themselves, women can do anything a man could do. PG. 80-81 Thanks for LIStening!
NOw its Dana's turn!
Was it fair for women? REACTIONS? REACTIONS? REACTIONS? If women did get to vote, they would have
been able to make lots of choices for their
people. Women could have been starting jobs
back then and women can anything a man could do.
They should of had the right to vote back then. Aboriginal people should've had a voice because; didn't they find Canada before the Europeans did? Isn't unfair to just decide things without the "natural leaders."
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