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Team Smasher's Game Proposal

TP3: Prezi Presentation

Calvin Amenheuser

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of Team Smasher's Game Proposal

The Amalgamation of Androids Calvin Amenheuser
Beth Meadows
Tim Fundin
Bryon Henson
Shawn Sewell
Landon Dastrup Why Our Game? Game Modes The Mulitplayer The Story Because innovation and ingenuity are key when it comes to gaming.

Team Smasher takes battling robots to the next level with real-time-strategy elements at the heart of it all. Characterization Plot Outcome Story Elements The not too distant future
Robots are the soul building faculties of the human race
A software update from an unlabeled source is installed into the newer models
A virus infects all new models and they go on the rampage
It is the duty of the old machines to stop these anomalies before they cause harm to the human race (it's in their programming!) A game's beginning is as important and vital to the storyflow as it's ending. Because of the different variations of gameplay and story correlation, AoA will allow for different outcomes within the game depending on the player's overall rating. This will range from "Best" to "Worst" ending, with humanity being saved or defeated by the wave of robots the player either succeeded or failing to prevent. Fortification Survival Horde The Game Modes Single Player & Kinect Specific
Players run & maintain a home base - culling enemy waves as they approach.
Main Objective: fortify base while defending against enemy units
Progressive difficulty as player continues: enemies will increase in number. Single Player & Kinect focused.
Players focus on resources for the creation of armies - this in turn increases their survival time.
Leaderboards are featured to encourage competitive gaming.
Progressive difficulty is another feature of this game mode. Single Player with a Split-Screen Co-Op mode.
Co-op permits between 2-4 players.
Co-op party members will only be able to use the controller.
The only offline controller game-mode.
Player leads a horde of allies as a "Hero".
Objective is to wipe out as many enemy forces as possible.
A single game will have up to 3 strongholds for players to engage with varying difficulty sets.
If "Impossible" mode is unlocked within the campaign this will allow for a 4th stronghold and matching difficulty set for players. Why? What? "Power Ups" Multiplayer Customization: individuality is a key proponent of expression. A "from scratch" creation process of buildings, strategies, and alternate elements of the game will be utilized.
Online: adding to replay value with a competitve Leaderboard will initiate the desire to revist maps in order to defeat friends scores within the game.
Controller: ability to use controllers alongside Kinect play will allow for different play types amongst audiences. Terrain Generation Terrain Generation (cont.) Enemy Placement Level Design Creates added replay value to both single and multiplayer game modes. This is essential for the long term value of the product. This changes how players are used to strategizing - as this has not been used standardly outside of turn-based games. Random enemy generation as well as terrain genration will increase the variety witihn maps and create a new experience for the gamer each time! Better With Kinect •Kinect motion and voice controls are being utilized in many styles and genres of games.

•Microsoft has said “Microsoft is committed to Kinect in a serious way, that it won't succumb to our big fear, being abandoned like Kin or left to die like Zune, even if the market—you know, people—is slow to react at first”. (Buchanan & Johnson, 2010)

•The RTS genre is perfect for kinect controls. “Aside from shooters, the potential in Kinect is obvious – for something a little slower paced than the myriad of Sports and Dance/Fitness titles, why not try some good old fashioned RTS?

•With Kinect already marketed as the center of your media experience… a logical step would be to upgrade your media centre to your war room.” (Kristen, 2012)

•The RTS Genre has not reached its potential on console systems. Most RTS games require a mouse or keyboard. With the Kinect, you won’t need them. The kinect motion controls for AoA will work from an Eye in the Sky view. By waving your hands you will be able to control your pieces on the map, much like a mouse cursor for a PC. With one hand you will be able to pick up your piece and move them to position them on the field. You will also be able to grab the playfield and move your hand to change the camera angle. With the other hand you will be able to control your special powers. You will grab the power card and drag it onto the playfield. By moving your arm forward or backwards you can control the area of damage from the special power. When you have your location you drop the power card to activate it. When building a village you will pick up the style of building you want to build and drop it in the location you would like it to be built and it will be built automatically. Another Kinect feature that we are going to utilize is voice commands. This will give the gamer more options to control the game play action. While you are using gestures to move your character you can call out actions to your teammates. Imagine you are attacking village A with squadron 1, you can call out to squadron 2 to attack village B, or to have them come back to give you reinforcements. This will give the player more control of the game and give them the feeling of being on the battlefield. Using the kinect means that you do not need any peripherals such as a keyboard or mouse. Many games are starting to utilize this way of controlling characters in games. Madden 13, Mass Effect 3 and Tom Clancy’s End War are a few examples of games successfully utilizing voice commands. Onslaught Single Player only & Kinect Only
High Intensity Game Mode
Features a DPM (Damage Per Minute) meter on the HUD.
Will feature Leaderboards for competitive awareness.
Progressive difficulty will be a feature within the options menu (via selection of varied DPMs).
This will again feature an additional difficulty level for players who have unlocked "Impossible" mode. Due to overwhelming popularity and industry demand, multiplayer elements have been added to create a wholesome and well rounded gaming experience for all types of gamers. Gives varied and timed abilities to the "Hero" in Horde mode.
This will cause fluctuations in competitve multiplayer gameplay, allowing well timed/played sessions to be switched to alternate team's favors within a short span.
Creates a sense of timed chaos. Strong characters are essential to a good story.
Developed and relatable personalities can be achieved even from non-human characters.
Bonding with these characters through a gaming experience ensures overall gaming quality. Mechanics What will our game feature on a user level? HUD & Menu Menu Focus on a customizable experience.
Alterations can be made for units for positioning and altering.
Coloring options also available.
Multiple components and even texture packets will be unlockable via online play and achievements. Kicker Components Damage Suite: Gives the Heroes a readout of the damage they are doing, taking, and a Current Optimized Damage counter which shows what the Hero could be doing by speeding up attacks and cycling different attacks. The Cartographer: Allow players to display the map as a map or radar readout, along with customizable colors and potentially some special textures. Unit Center: This component shows to number of individual units and could quickly highlight their location on the map/radar if initiated. Leaderboards Adds a level of competition to player arena.
For both single and multiplayer. M.O.B.A. A vastly popular online gaming style, AoA will feature MOBA as an online addition to it's gaming arena.
This will be utilized in the "Hero" style gameplay that the team touched on in the previous segment. Sales Pitch Similar titles such as Guardians of Middle Earth and League of Legends do incredibly well on today's market. A RTS style game with MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) elements will be a new and intriguing Kinect title lineup.
Team Smasher feels that this will be one of the first "Hard Core" gamer titles to swing the market onto motion controls and change the face of modern gaming for the national market. Our team feels that our title will put Diamondback Games on the map as a developer. Final Statement Team Smasher is dedicated to the ultimate gameplay experience. Our title is a once in a lifetime chance to combine old and new gaming techniques to create a specialized gameplay method. We believe in the key components of variety coupled with innovation and player technique. A game that gives the player all of these experiences is sure to succeed. If the Xbox release does well the team already has plans in the works for bringing the game to WiiU, PS3, and PC. References Freytag’s Pyramid: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d0/Freytags_pyramid.png
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