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Cable Drama Television Programs

Presentation for COMM100.

Mike Maether

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Cable Drama Television Programs

Dramatic Cable Programming HBO Introduced cable television.
"No" censorship limitations.
A new technology to reach the audience.
The Sopranos The most financially successful cable series in the history of television.
Won twenty-one Emmys and five Golden Globes.
Very violent and dark.
Served as catalyst for more dramatic cable shows. Prevalent Techniques Rich story
Cinematography (not fixed)
Strong lead, great supporting cast
Dark tone, serious
Crime Money Few advertisements
More product placement Audience Relies on demassification
Not typically suitable for children
Sick of "regular" programs
Network companies draw in audience with awards Law and Government Censorship problems
Stereotypes Network Broadcasting Broadcast networks followed suit.
Shows borrowed from other shows. Friday Night Lights
Prison Break
Lost Pros Rich story
Rewards followers
Doesn't typically waste time
Story comes first Cons Tough to drop into a series
Not suited for everyone
Filler episodes (Four of the) The Seven Keys Technology Cable television
Hosting programs online
DVDs and Blu-Rays Cable Broadcasting Overview
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