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No description

Nicole Grandez

on 6 November 2014

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Suicides in Foxxcon
Child Labour
"More than 60% of the workers at three of Apple supplier Foxconn's factories in China say their wages fall short of their basic needs"
Unethical Behaviour
student labour is a big issue within manufacturing industries
* students usually around the ages of 16-18 can be drafted into factory positions, but even children as young as 12 or 13 have been seen working at Foxconn which is the largest electronic manufacturers in the world.

extensive shifts
* time off is not usually given unless used for rest since people usually are working 11-13 hour shifts
* some people are working shifts that last longer than 24 hours
* it was claimed that someone had died after working such an extensive shift
Suicide attempts that occurred in result of these ethical issues have caused there to be nets placed around buildings to prevent further incidences, workers are now required to sign a non-suicide pledge, and they were forced to sign a "legally binding document guaranteeing that they and their descendants would not sue the company as a result of unexpected death, self-injury, or suicide".
In 2010 18 Foxconn workers whom were all under the age of 25 had jumped off the top of their building and resulted in 14 suicides, and leaving others in critical conditions (paralyzed)
in protest of the working conditions around 150 of the works threatened to commit suicide

About Apple Company
Unpaid Wages
Apple Inc. is an American corporation that designs and manufactures computer hardware, software and other consumer electronics. The company is best known for their Macintosh personal computer line, Mac OS X, extremely loyal user-base, iTunes media application and the iPod personal music player. The company headquarters is in Cupertino, California, co-founder is Steve Jobs and current CEO, Tim Cook. The company boasts 284 retail locations spanning 10 different countries.

1) Two Apple Inc. employees have sued Apple for having millions of dollars of unpaid wages and overtime compensation.
2) Employees had to stay after work to go through a security bag search which lasted 50 minutes – 1 and a half hour per week of unpaid overtime. 3) In total, this was $1500 worth of unpaid wages.
4) Factories in China had employees working over the legal Chinese limit of 40 hours a week and 80 overtime hours a month.
5)Employees would work more than 60 hours a week and more than 7 days straight without the 24 hour break that they are supposed to have.

The Real Apple
Changes due to overtime wages problem:
1) An agreement has been made between Apple and FLA(Fair Labor Association) stating that employees will be working 49 hours a week including overtime
2) 80 overtime hours have been reduced to 36 hours
3) Overtime payments that are usually paid every 30 minutes are now changed to payments for the total amount of time employee has worked

Environmental Issues
Besides treating humanity with disrespect, Apple documents show that suppliers for the company also disrespect the environment. These companies have been found to create false books to disguise their labor practices, mistreat women and use unsafe equipment. Apple suppliers also routinely discharge toxic waste into their communities, without regard for the effect that waste has on area residents, wildlife and the planet.
Foxconn Factory
What is Ethics?
Ethics: A system of moral principles that influence the behavior of a group or individual.
To be ethical means to see right from wrong and to be able to apply standard behavior in our personal and working lives.
Apple's profit and high demand refrain them from facing any serious consequences. If anything their profits would decrease due to the company depending on underaged workers to make them their hight profit.
Based on the unethical behavior from Apple Inc, do you think its ethical to continue purchasing their products?
Lesson to be Learned
Company's should earn profit in a honest way
Being ethical will provide you with as much profit and customers
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