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Maddie Straup

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Colonies

By Maddie Straup
4th period American Colonies Jamestown 1st permanent North American colony Background founded in 1607 London Company 144 men set out on the journey towards Jamestown The Voyage Joint stock company In 1608 John Smith saves Jamestown and organizes colonists John Smith Jamestown falls once again in 1610 after Smith leaves In 1609 Smith has to leave Jamestown because of a powder burn and goes back to England 1607 they arrive with only about 30 survivors left many died while at sea because of starvation, scurvy, and bacterial conditions Chesapeake region unhealthy environment Went on voyage for God, Gold, and Glory group of younger sons of wealthy families who went on the voyage towards Jamestown Lord de la Warr saved Jamestown after John Smith left using military techniques undertook aggressive military action against the Indians which enraged them Tobacco Most important and common crop grown in Jamestown even though it ruined the soil House of Burgesses Created in 1619, House of Burgesses was the 1st representative government Father of Tobacco John Rolfe saved Jamestown economically In 1612 he perfected methods of raising and curing the pungent weed, eliminating much of the bitter tang Native Americans After John Smith left the colony began to fall The Falling http://www.legendsofamerica.com/photos-virginia/John%20Rolfe.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/94/Jamestown_logo_1907.jpg/200px-Jamestown_logo_1907.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ae/Nicotiana_Tobacco_Plants_1909px.jpg British fired back and killed many Indians while eliminating many Native American tribes 1622 the Native Americans attacked the Whites Once again many people died because of diseases and starvation http://www.kshs.org/cool2/graphics/coolcust.gif http://apva.org/rediscovery/page.php?page_id=25 http://robinheyden.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/bags-of-gold.jpg founded in 1629 Massachusetts Non-Separatist Puritans Background separate from the Church of England for its impurities fearing for their faith and for England’s future, secured a royal charter colonies’ first governor John Winthrop http://endtimepilgrim.org/puritans25.jpg http://ushistoryimages.com/images/massachusetts-bay-colony/fullsize/massachusetts-bay-colony-2.jpg http://homemaking-cottage-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/jen-lang-fam2.jpg A Royal charter largest colony in North America Had a representative assembly for a government Anne Hutchinson Introduced fishing, shipbuilding, and trading which helped Massachusetts' economy Did NOT believe in a democratic government http://pbskids.org/wayback/civilrights/hutchinson/anne.gif Created Antinomianism which believed that your holy life did not guarantee you salvation and that the saved people did not have to worry about obeying laws Questioned predestination which was brought up by Calvinism created a women's group which interrupted a Sunday Sermon which caused Anne to spend 4 months in prison Population http://www.scrapbookpages.com/Buchenwald/SteveTPhotos/bodies.JPG many families migrated to Massachusetts 40 families to every town and church was at center of town Education http://www.mac-vincent.com/OldSchool.jpg http://cdn.dipity.com/uploads/events/40407f947d86ede2517d3496adb8ab6b_1M.png 1st colony to force kids to go to school and valued education http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_gJj5qGDNu0g/TIx_OEWm07I/AAAAAAAAAAU/h-1uQpWNmAk/s1600/Shaking_Hands.jpg lived together as community unlike the south Community There was no such thing as social class and everybody contributed to the community Environment Healthier climate, water, land is arable King Phillips War Indians vs. White http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-5SRN3YBh7Qk/TsBr5CHuQWI/AAAAAAAAAIY/haYasZHBSQA/s1600/King_Philips_War.jpg slowed down the migration towards the West immensely because of the fear of Indian attacks Had a huge effect on Massachusetts Roger Williams http://www.rogerwilliams.org/portrait.jpg challenged the legality of the Bay Colony’s charter condemned Massachusetts for expropriating the land from the Indians without fair compensation Advertisement Founded Pennsylvania in 1681 William Penn Good Indian and White relationship Indians Did not believe in black slavery, war, or violence Quakers Pennsylvania Founded in 1681 http://www.favimp.com/Quakers.html http://www.constitution.org/bcp/frampenn.htm Wanted to be a Quaker which disappointed his father but he continued on his pursuit anyway http://www.mediactivism.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Advertising.jpg Was best advertised of any colony The founder= 1st American advertising man Pamphlets http://caps.ucsd.edu/self_help_library_web/self_help_library_images/self_help_library_virtualpamphlets.jpg handed out pamphlets in Dutch, English, and French Chief Tammany http://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/tammanyliberty.jpg patron saint of New Yorkers Penn bought land from him http://www.hooverwebdesign.com/graphics/images/thanksgiving-pilgrims.gif Guaranteed trail by jury and religious freedom http://whyy.org/blogs/itsourcity/files/2009/08/gavel-cartoon-1.jpg http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/483673/483673,1287944333,7/stock-vector-old-cross-grave-cartoon-63885334.jpg Population attracted a rich mix of ethnic groups http://www.socialjustice.me/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Three-Theories-About-Diversity-in-the-Workplace.jpg included numerous religious misfits who were repelled by the harsh practices of neighboring colonies Proprietary Regime liberal and included a representative assembly elected by the landowners No tax-supported state church drained coffers or demanded allegiance Catholics and Jews http://www.tcdailyplanet.net/sites/tcdailyplanet.net/files/2009/October/vote%20clip%20art.jpg under pressure from London, Penn was forced to deny Catholics and Jews the privilege of voting or holding office http://cdn.dipity.com/uploads/events/25b18b9b23873fac1fe0d9c6c0890430_1M.png http://www.favimp.com/Images/Quakermeeting.gif Assignment #3 William Penn's argument over why colonies are beneficial: 1. People who go to a foreign plantation's industry is far much more than if they stayed in their homeland 2. Colonists can export goods to other countries in Europe, which brings in money or the growth of their countries 3. If you marry here you can bestow thrice more in all necessaries and conveniences 4. The colony is an island, and by nature is perfect for navigation above any country in Europe My argument over why colonies are NOT beneficial: 1. When you create a colony you are more prone to Indian attacks 2. Colonies are usually NOT open-minded to other opinions and kick people out of their colony when they have different beliefs 3. When you are part of a colony you are more exposed to diseases and have a shorter life expectancy 4.Much of the land in the majority of the colonies has been ruined due to certain crops grown and because of this if you are not wealthy you will probably not be able to afford your own plantation to grow crops http://www.socialstudiesforkids.com/graphics/houseofburgesses2.jpg http://www.historywiz.com/images/earlyamerica/jamesfortpainting.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_i0zXBjLSUrg/S-8K9sqyZxI/AAAAAAAAAh4/2AUfFBm3-XQ/s1600/USS+Jamestown+Leaving+Boston+2007.jpg http://www.hsd.org/images/DeFacts_Images/delawarr.gif http://www.pbs.org/godinamerica/people/john-winthrop.html http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/e/e2/Famlandstburyan.JPG/220px-Famlandstburyan.JPG
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