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Easter Island

The theories fo Easter Island

Mohammed Humadi

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Easter Island

Easter Island Theories Heyerdahl's Theory -Heyerdahl thinks that the inhabitants
came from South America.
-Claims indians built rafts, sailed there,
and crafted statues.
-Islanders served a man named Tiki.
-Sailed for 101 days to reach the island.
-Believes that they worshipped a god
named Kon-Tiki. Easter Island Backround Information
Easter Island is an island
off the coast of Peru, but
not very close. It was over
2,300 miles away over a
treacherous ocean. Easter
Island was found uninhabited,
but was found with 24-34 foot
tall statues, called moai. Who
created these statues? Why had
the people died off? Why are
some of the moai toppled over?
We might find the answers of
these questions in this Prezi. WARNING
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mysteries of
Easter Island
by Mohammed Polynesian Theory -The Polynesians believe that Tiki was
a myth, not a real person.
-They also believed that the moai were
made during 900-1000 AD.
-Believed that the island's inhabitants were
Polynesian because they spoke the same
except for a few words.
-They also thought Kon-Tiki was mythical.
-Thought that moai were toppled from
over-population MY THEORY -The moai were made as a protective measure.
-The moai were toppled over from a hurricane that had occured years ago.
-I think that the people who had lived on
Easter Island paddled there, not sailed.
-I think the tribes are from Peru and Chili.
-I think Kon-Tiki and Tiki were real men that
the people of the island worshipped. THIS IS AN AWESOME OLD GUY WITH NO TEETH THANKS FOR VIEWING!!!
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