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20th Anniversary Prezi

No description

Yena Jeon

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of 20th Anniversary Prezi

1. Birth of Metrolink service 2. Opening of the Riverside Line 3. Response to Northridge quake 4. Expansion into Orange County 5. IEOC commuter rail history 6. Rolling out the 91 8. Inward-Facing Cameras 9. Automatic Train Stop 10. Fuel Conservation Program 11. Jay Leno can't stay quiet about our Quiet Cars 12. CEM Cars 13. "Shhh" in Orange County 14. Running at the speed of Metrolink 15. We make safety official.
Fight on! 16. Plug-in Program 17. The Metrolink Connection 18. Just ride. Everyone's
doing it. 19. Making Southern California cleaner and greener 20. One small step for Metrolink. One giant leap for rail safety. Thank you to all of our riders, employees, Board of directors and member agencies for a memorable and successful 20 years. Metrolink would not be possible without all of you. 7. Sealed Corridors
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