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Online Teamwork

This Prezi was written by Ben, Elise, Hong, Leigh and Nicola. Swinburne Online COM10003 2015

Leigh Hindle

on 29 May 2017

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Transcript of Online Teamwork

COM10003 Group 3 - 2015
Written by Ben, Elise, Hong, Leigh and Nicola
Online Tools for Collaboration and Communication
Skype is a software program which supports voice and video communication for anyone, from anywhere around the world. Skype is a perfect tool for online teamwork as it facilitates group collaboration, sharing files, virtual meetings and is accessible in more places on more devices. To support a real-time conversation, Skype uses microphone, speakers and a webcam for video calls. It also supports a 3-way conversation mode on different types of mobile devices and desktop, which is a great feature that alternative products do not have.

Calls are free to other Skype users and cheap to everyone else. According to Courtney (2015, EBL eBook Library), Skype provides a tool that minimises friction, and reduces both communications and travel costs. It also stores all the messages for each conversation up to 30 days.

There are a few issues when initiating a long distance conversation such as the frozen webcam image due to the timelag and when transported through the air, the metallic noise that appears on the speaker. “The biggest one is battery drain” Courtney (2015, EBL eBook Library). Smart phones or tablets use a combination of energy from the wi-fi access point and Skype, which will accelerate batterie drain.

Tips and Tricks
When every application is moving into a Cloud-based program, Skype is integrating its app into Office Online, incorporating Outlook.com, Office, and Lync. This integration opens up an opportunity for users to easily access instant connection and files which is great for teams to get connected and work on projects online.

Working together has always been a integral part of society. As the modern age progresses, distractions, distance and lifestyles become more intrusive and the ability to work anywhere and at any time is a necessity. Luckily there are a tremendous amount of online teamwork tools and resources available to assist with the continually changing and developing demands.
People collaborating in an office or across a classroom bring varying degrees of skills, knowledge and tools to each project. The same can be said for the online teamwork applications that have been presented here. Whether it is presenting your project over Skype, or having a centralised work board on Wiki, to working through a large project one task at a time on Trello, understanding which application will return the best result, in the current project, is paramount.
Modern society is fast paced and changing daily, so the tools used must adapt and evolve also. The further integrated into our projects these tools become, the easier online team work success will be to achieve.

Understanding the different time management and online lifestyle difficulties that face teams everyday, Trello, Inc. have established an online collaborative project management tool that can be accessed globally.
Utilising cards and lists, Trello offers a wide range of online tools and functions. Building on a simple checklist strategy, this online program enables a team to create a project, delegate tasks and identify the requirements that each task will require.

The addition of various media content to each card will allow for more concise information. Also, the simple layout of task cards on each project allows for an immediate overview of “what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process" (Habacht, 2015).

There is no version of this available offline, If you were looking to review the tasks or see where someone is up to, it would have to be in an area with internet capabilities.

Tips and Tricks:
A simple click on each job card will allow notes, emails or additional tasks to be added. These are then displayed instantly either via “inside the app, via email, desktop notifications via the browser, or via mobile push notifications" (Trello, inc 2015).
Prezi is an online, Adobe Flash based, presentation service provider for creating and storing presentations. Like other presentation tools, Prezi has the capability of integrating text, images, animation, audio and video into a presentation (Perron & Stearns 2011, p.376). Unlike traditional presentation tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi is not based on slides, rather is created from a blank canvas allowing the user to create both a linear and non-linear free flowing story line to communicate to their audience (Perron & Stearns 2011, p.376).

Users have the option of creating a linear or non-linear presentation, “by changing the sizes and positions of objects, designers can visually illustrate the relationship between concepts in the presentation to aid in student understanding” (Settle et al 2011, p.105).

Whilst there is an option to print PDF in Prezi, due to the non-linear design of the presentation these PDF’s do not make good clear handouts or notes to provide to the users chosen audience (Settle et al 2011, p.106).

Tips & Tricks:
Users would benefit from having access to a high-speed internet connection along with a minimum of 1GB computer memory, a scroll mouse or touch pad and a current version of adobe flash player as these are all essential for Prezi to work effectively (Perron & Stearns 2011, p.376).
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The following presentation will introduce a small sample of those available online tools. The tools covered here are Skype, Prezi, Google Docs, Wiki and Trello. This Prezi will discuss the purpose, advantages, disadvantages, and any tips and tricks that may assist in better use of these tools.
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Dictionary.com (2015) describes a wiki as a collaborative website that allows anyone using a web browser to edit, delete or modify any entry without restriction. There are a lot of potential uses for this form of online team work tool, some examples include; educational and training purposes, business and corporate requirements, and personal use. In fact Babauta (2007) states 15 potential uses for wiki’s for various applications although there are many more.


There are two main advantages of using a wiki. Firstly, you can see all content in chronological order and secondly, the ability to be able to modify all content.

What is an advantage can also be a disadvantage. Given everyone can modify any of the entries posted in the wiki, it allows for posts to be changed without consent or knowledge. This ability means the security or credibility of the entry is compromised. It also requires you to return to view the wiki regularly as there are no external notifications if changes or additions are made.

Tips and Tricks:
There is a lot you can do with a wiki and an ideal tip would be if every contributor had predetermined colour font so it is easier to follow. Make a timeline of updating so all authors are aware of when to review new posts.
3D Team Success (2013)
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Google Docs is a free online document processor that supports collaborators to develop and edit documents with editing and styling tools, creators can edit documents such as presentations or spreadsheets etc. According to Google (2015), users can sign up for a Google account and gain access to Google Docs online for free.

Google Docs is fast becoming the platform of choice for individuals, group, and commercial users. Google docs has many advantages including access to edit documents anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, users can edit even without internet to enable offline editing to work in your browser or pin files on a mobile device. Also Google Docs is very easy to learn, especially if the user has experience with Microsoft Programs such as Word or Excel. Wcledenin (2012) discussed that compared to other competitors programs that could charge services charge fees, Google Docs is free.


However, Google Docs has the limitation of formatting ability. For example, the presentation program is not strong enough, not even able to compare to Power Point. Google Docs presentation does not have many themes, styles, slide transitions and charts. For business purposes it would be considered very basic.

Tips and Tricks:
Sawers, P (2011) suggested there is one tip for users to search Google Docs and Gmail together . Clicking the ‘Settings’ on the top right of the screen, click and scroll until see the ‘Apps Search’ icon. Clicking ‘Enable’ and validate you save this change. Then all searches within GMail will include Google Docs.
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