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No description

Jenna Jeans <3

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Jamaica

And We're Off ! Sun Country Outbound flight # sy727
Departure -10:55 AM
Arrival -4:12 PM Return flight # sy278
Departure -4:05 PM
Arrival -9:00 PM Round trip total 1,550.18 Monetgo Bay, Jamaica March 3-10, 2013 E-Z Rent-A-Car E-Z Rent-A-Car Toyota Yaris Weekly cost $ 210 . 00 Week Total $ 246.75 E-Z Rent-A-Car Make of Car: Toyota Yaris
Cost: $210/week Sunset Beach Resort and Spa 243.75/night
Total: $1462.50 Air conditioning 3 Water parks Free Wifi Water sports Tennis courts Casino 6 bars Lounge Free Buffet Restaurant Gym Amenities JAMAICA ! ATTRACTIONS ! 1) Doctor's Cove Beach , Montego bay Free Crystal Clear Turquoise Waters & Almost White Sand One of the most famous beaches in Jamaica Open 8am - 6pm This beach offers umbrellas, beach volleyball, lounge chairs, showers, snorkel gear, lockers, towels, a gift shop, and a bar! 2) Cornwall Beach , Montego Bay $2.50 per person We met a Jamaican man who cooked us hot dogs. Dilan sun bathed all day. We practiced our life guarding skills. Dilan stomped on a little girls sand castle by "mistake". Spa 3) Boston Bay Beach Dilan loved surfing here ! & Jenna relaxed on the beach...... Free 4) Blue Mountains Hiking , Scenery, River Rafting. Free ! Our Rafting pals !
Marcus & Bonnie The Paddler 5) Y-S Falls Beautiful waterfalls, tropical plants & animals. Hiking FREE ! Jenna was bitten by a turtle..but she's okay . 6) Parasailling at Ocho Rios! 60$ per person Dilan was very scared , but he did okay . 7) Jet Skiing on the ocean at our resort ! 60$ per person. Jenna fell off quite a bit.. 8) Seven Mile Beach ! Largest beach in Jamaica. Water trampolines. $5.00 per person ! Total Trip Cost Went to Cosmo's Restaurant $3,999.43 Thanks for watching! By : Dilan B.
Jenna J. Jenna swam with Jamal, he was the guy who cooked us hotdogs.
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