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Doritos Pug

No description

tanna thresmay

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Doritos Pug

Pugs Gone Bad: The World of Doritos The doritos company designed and produced this commercial to help persuade buyers into purchasing the doritos product. The audience that is trying to be attracted are the animal lovers of society, along with those who enjoy commedity and are of all ages. The suspensful, classical music may interest some elderly citizens and the modern couple may influence others to purchase this tastey snack. The text of the message is shown by a cute, defensless brown pug, against a cruel tormenting man wearing a blue jacket. The suspensful background music creates a sense of wonder, and the red doritos are shown as an intising treat for the dog. Finally, the scene takes place in a modern day home with a modern day couple.
The subtext of the message is that doritos are so irresistable, not only to humans but to animals with keen senses of smell. The tools of persuasion used are those of humor, repetition, and sympothy. Humor, in that the running of the dog, and the teasing of the man make many viewers laugh and think of buying th product. The repetition of "come on, come on" reaches out to the the consumers, and the sympathy of the woman to the dog shows that something will soon happen and it keeps the viewers interested. The positive message presented is the message that doritos will give any eater a good time and are so irresistable, even dogs cannot resist. However, there are negative messages shown as well. For instence, the animal cruelty of teasing is shown through the actions of the man. This can be very unamusing to some viewers who are assertive towards animal rights. The parts of the story that are purposley untold are the nutritional factors of Doritos. These being fats, sugars, and calories. The next fact that seems to be missing is the price of doritos. Finally, the fact that a small pug cannot knock down a screen door. This may be obvious to older viewers, but to young viewers it can become a fantasy. All of these factors could easily persuade a consumer to think twice before purchasing the final product. There are several things that are unstated in this message. These unstated things are also known as subtexts. Some examples of the subtext are that most dogs would not come bounding though a door just for doritos, and also most people would not waste their time taunting their dog with doritos.
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