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Northeast Asian Deciduous Forest

No description

Shannon Lee

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Northeast Asian Deciduous Forest

Northeast Asian Deciduous Forest
Red-crown cranes
Siberian tigers
Gorals (goat-like animal)
Biome is the deciduous forest
specific to Asia, and has specific organisms accordingly
Covers parts of Korea, China, Russia, Japan
Abiotic Factors
20-60 inches of annual precipitation
monsoons and typhoons occur during summers occasionally, so winters are slightly drier
Average yearly temperature is around 50°F with seasonal changes in temperature
Soil Composition is very fertile and enriched with decaying litter
Soil is a brown-gray or brown color
Slightly acidic
Porous mixture of organic and mineral soil known as mull
moist humus
by Shannon Lee
and Cassie Sun

At about 30°- 45°N latitude and about 130° to 145° E longitude on Asia continent
Lots of rivers/streams, mountains
Large trees block out solar radiation
Limiting factor is mainly light availability
Westerlies wind patterns

Mongolian oak
Daurian birch
Manchurian elm
Asian ginseng
and Scavengers
fungi (mushrooms)
soil type supports decomposers like bacteria
Fires have become a threat
Area heavily farmed for wheat, causing deforestation
Water resources in the area have been polluted extensively due to industrialization
Air pollution as well as water pollution can cause future problems
pollution and increase greenhouse gases has started to caused climate change in the area (greenhouse effect)
Logging has been extensive in much of the forest
timber harvesting

Many endangered animals like the panda and red-crown crane live exclusively there
killed off when they raid nearby farmland
pandas eat almost exclusively bamboo
bamboo has become scarce due to industial changes, causing pandas to become endangered
In China on patches of the original forest remain and they are preserved for environmental and religious reasons or located in higher altitudes where it’s inaccessible to humans
Shyangtai Itekou Natural Reserve is a breeding shelter for red-crown birds

Preservation Efforts
In Asian countries, most preservation efforts are concentrated government efforts
industrial and economic development take priority over environmental protection
National Trust is an environmental movement inaugurated in January 2000 for South Korea
NGOs like the Northeast Asian Forest Forum and Forests For Peace also play a role
NEAFF serve as a go-between the governments and private sectors in China, Mongolia, and Korea
FFP works to restore ecology in North Korea
helped launch North Korea’s Rehabilitation and Environmental Protection Projects
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