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Grammar: Unit 1: Lesson 2: Four Types of Sentences

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Jessica Manning

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Grammar: Unit 1: Lesson 2: Four Types of Sentences

Four Types of Sentences
*Begins with a CAPITAL LETTER
*Ends with an End Mark
* exclamation point ( ! )
* period ( . )
* question mark ( ? )

*A statement sentence tells something. An end mark of a period ( . ) is used.
* My cat is soft and fluffy.
* Jane is a nice friend.

Every Sentence:
* A question asks something. The end mark of a question mark ( ? ) is used.
* What are you doing after school today?
* What is your favorite color?

* A Command tells someone to do something. The end mark of a period ( . ) is used.
* Please put your coat and backpack in your locker.
* Please write about your weekend in your writing notebook.

* An exclamation shows strong feelings such as excitement, surprise, or fear. It ends with the end mark of an exclamation point ( ! ).
* Stop! Look before you cross the street!
* I can't believe you got me tickets to the concert!
Four Types of Sentences
* Statement
* Question
* Command
* Exclamation

Your Turn!
Give an example of:
* A Statement (.)
* A Question (?)
* A Command (.)
* An Exclamation (!)

Write Four Sentences
*Use correct end marks*
Write a sentence that makes a statement about the weather.
*Write a sentence that asks a friend a question.
*Write a command telling a family member to help with something (make sure to begin with "please").
*Write an exclamation about a time you were excited, scared or surprised.
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