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Womens Fashion

No description

Katy Hardee

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Womens Fashion

Fashion on the Titanic

First class laides wore loud dresses with a coat over it. They did their hair in a ball and wore high heels. This was their day attire for the ball room, eating, or just to wear around to show you were rich.
Men wore black tuxes with a white undershirt and a bow tie. They wore shoes that looked like what women wear today, highheels. If they were single they would wear the tux and walk around all day to find a woman.
Mens Fashion
Both women and men wore the most expensive pajamas they could find. Once the ladies put on their pajamas they put on a night gown over it. It was not a fancy dress and most of the time it was not colorful.
Bedtime Attire
Womens Fashion
Jonah Rollins
If you were on another ship you would dress nice but to show you deserved to be on the Titanic. Not to show you were pretty on other ships you dressed up or didn't but on the Titanic it was go big or go home. you would have to prove that you were born to be on the Titanic.

In first class
The new color
The new color was white everybody wore it on the Titanic you wore white or you didn't deserve to be first class. White was fancy. All your clothes were white or they weren't
by: Jonah Rollins
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