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Standards Based and Data Driven Instructions

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Gina German

on 14 September 2011

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Transcript of Standards Based and Data Driven Instructions

accountability for schools and teachers

encourages teachers to know how much each student
learned and to identify what is necessary to improve students skill levels
Here is something small... a way that administrators, teachers and parents and can accurately assess student learning and make decisions based on the data to improve administrative and instructional systems to continually promote student acheivement Definition Defined... The relationship Standards Based
Data Driven
Instruction An Example: 30 The two are linked in that
assessments are created from
standards ( what students
should be able to know and do)

Therefore teachers must recognize
the importance of looking at
assessments for instructional planning
as well as emphasizing
the standards on which the assessment
was based Emphasizes the academic content standards which specify what students should know and be able to do according to grade level. This determines what schools should teach. -high academic standards/ instructions in line with the standards
-an assessment system that measures and sheds light on progress
-accountability system that holds eduators and policy makers responsible for student acheivement
- Intervention systems that researches progress and provides support for struggling schools

www.edsource.org/isssta.html Standards Based Agenda... demands that teachers know their content and students well

the end is held constant but the means may vary greatly

assignment completion is not enough..
progress toward mastery of specific knowledge skills
or dispositions is encouraged

in essence the teacher first considers what the students should be
able to know and do before compiling lesson plans

-Instructional Demands of Standards Based Reform- More about standards based... Standards Based Benefits creates a "to do"list for teachers

state to state- students have a common goal Data Driven Benefits... why use it?
uses data to help schools point out problems
identify students who need assistance
and find solutions Instructional planning...

it affects instructional planning
because the teacher is constantly mindful
of the assessments the students will be taking

The teacher needs to make sure to cover
the content assessed, but to not "teach
to the test"
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