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Joe Yee Chai

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of TERRORISM

A psychology of terrorism: in the mind of a terrorist (ISIS and Al Qaida)
The rise of Islamic Fundamentalism
ISIS: The Trail of Terror
What is terrorism?
The mass media and
the terrorism

What is "ISIS"?WA
Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, an Islamic extremist group ruling by Sharia Law
It is controlling its territory from northern Syria to central Iraq, but now slowly expanding its influences too to Nigeria, Libya and even Southeast Asia.
A historical account
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, it is an Islamic extremist group ruling by the Sharia Law.
Where did
ISIS Come From?
It began back in 2004 as AQI, lead by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
Leadership fell to Abu Du'a, or better known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
Al- Zarqawi was killed in 2006 by an American airstrike.
Year 2007--AQI was weaken due to Sunni awakening
Year 2011--AQI used the Syrian conflict as an opportunity to regain his power & expand its rank in the region.
-2011-- AQI had successfully spread his influence back into Iraq and rename the group as "ISIS", indicating a "stronger regional ambition".
Similarities between AQI & IS
1. Both these groups sprung from long civil wars.
-AQI fight against Russian troops in Afghanistan.
- ISIS fight against American troops in Iraq.

2. Both groups seeking to establish an Islamic State, so called the

3. Both these groups are willing to establish an Islamic State using brutal acts and violence towards the non-Muslims, westerners and Muslims as well.

4. Obligation to Jihad.
Focus on terrorism and militant activities.
Weapon fabrication
Irael/ Palestine
Defensive Jihad
Return dignity to Sunni Muslims.
Appeal to professionals.
Social service and governance.
Has been able to control much more territory than Al-Qaeda.
How has ISIS been so successful in Iraq?
It controls & operates more like a military-based organization.
Able to attract more local & westerners into their organization.
Source of funding:

terrorist organization
in the world
- IS is controlling big part of oil fields in Syria.

-Extortion: The extortion not only affects big companies but also small business.
- Kidnapping and Bank robbery: The looting of central banks in Mozhul
- Money from the Gulf states???

An overview
1. What is terrorism?

2. Different types of terrorism?

3. A historical account

4. Post-colonial perspective

5. The Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS)

6. A psychology of terrorism

7. The War on Terror

8. Western media

Why would people even want to join ISIS?!
I have no idea.
Not only poor and deposessed individuals join Isis: often middle class and even upper middle class people join so-called terrorist organizations such as ISIS an Al Qaida... and even westerners!
Islamic fundamentalism is.. a reactionary movement that emerged as a response to Western imperialism and interference in the Middle East
Islamic fundamentalism is.. a political form of Islam
Islamic fundamentalism is.. embodies a religious cause and political consequence

Terrorism is.. a subjective political term to define the means certain groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda that share a world vision
Terrorism.. exists in many forms
Terrorism is.. exploited by the media,which labels "terrorism" as something negative.
Without mass media, terrorism wouldn't exist
Life as a woman under ISIS
This year, ISIS has released a document, detailing the role of women in the jihadist group.
"Women in the Islamic State" : Manifesto and Case Study
- Girls can marry at the age of 9, should ideally have husbands by the age of 16/17

-Education should begin at the age of seven and continue no longer at the age of 15.

-It is always "Preferable for a woman to remain hidden and veiled, to maintain society from behind this veil."

-Plastic surgery is prohibited, no ear piercing- "things hanging from the ear"

- Saloon and beauty shops are condemned as work of Iblis, the devil.

-Condemning the western model for women.
* corrupted minds and shoddy-minded beliefs instead of religion.
Above is showing a sewing machine, refrigerator, first aid box.
--> nursing, administering first aid, the cooking and preparation of food
* guidelines for the women to prepare themselves to contribute to Jihad.
Concept of terrorism
Victims of Terrorism



Terrorist themselves
Freedom fighters

Subjetive Concept
What does ISIS really want?
--> What's more than just creating an Islamic state?

*** They are trying to make a change to the society too; using modern revolutionary movements.

- organized themselves as a highly efficient community.

-Rapidly expanding into self-financing business.

The Cairo fire (January 1952)
Complex to define...
Terrorism is the systematic use of coercive intimidation, usually to service political ends
Let's avoid the single story...
Types of terrorism
Political terrorism
Huntington's Clash of Civilizations theory (1996)
Different kinds
Nuclear terrorism

The main goal is the political power or influence
A post-colonial and critical approach:
history isn't black and white
Postcolonialism focuses on the psychological effects of colonization on cultures and societies, and features the guidelines people inherit as members of a particular society which tells them how to view the world, how to experience it emotionally, and how to behave in it

Mass Media
The creation of the state of Israel (1946)
How is mass media used by the terrorist?
"100 lashes if you're not dead of laughter!"
"Charlie Hebdo must be veiled!"
To be.. or not to be Charlie: should free speech be more moderate in the multicultural world? have we adopted a fundamentalist way of thinking about freedom of expression?

1. To create extreme fear among their target groups

2. To mobilise wider support for their cause among the general population

3. To frustrate and disrupt the reponse of the government and security forces

4. To mobilise, incite and boost their potencial supporters
"One man's terrorist = another man's freedom fighter...?"
"...The violence which has ruled over the ordering of the colonial world, which has ceaselessly drummed the rhythm for the destruction of native social forms and broken up without reserve the systems of reference of the economy, the customs of dress and external life, that same violence will be claimed and taken over by the native at the moment when, deciding to embody history in his own person, he surges into the forbidden quarters..."

-Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth (1963)
The Veil: a heated debate between postcolonial and western feminists
To summarize
Statue of Sadam Hussein being covered by a US flag, 2003
Does Marine Le Pen (leader of the National Front) really embody the voice of the French people? If so, what happened to the "Liberté, égalité and fraternité" motto?
New York

Terrorist group
. Al Qaeda

. Against the support of USA to Israel, the military occupation of the Arabian peninsula and the pressure of the states to Irak

Terrorist group
. Islamist separatist movement of Chechnya

. Independence of Chechnya from Russia
Norway, near Oslo

. Individual person

Against immigration. Xenophobia
Number of deaths:

Number of deaths:
Number of deaths:
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