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Civil War Guns

No description

Michael Beimel

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Civil War Guns

Civil War Guns 1) If you have ever studied American History, you probably have heard of the Flintlock. 1) This gun was first developed in the 1500's and was still used in the civil war.
That means that this gun as technology was used for about 300 years! 1) The goal of the flintlock is to create a spark that can light the gunpowder in the barrel.
To make the spark, the flintlock uses the flint and steel approach. 1) Flint is a very hard form of rock and if you strike iron or steel against it, it will spark. Reference:

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Flintlock Pistol The parts on a flintlock. 1) After the spark it will ignite the gunpowder in the barrel and the gun will shoot! LeMat Revolver The LeMat was patented in the United States on October 21, 1856. 2) This weapon fired nine .42 or .36 caliber shots from the top barrel and can fire a 16 gauge shotgun on the bottom barrel. Its effective range is 40 yards to 100 yards. 2) This gun was the most advanced piece of technology at its time. Shotgun Barrel .42 or .36 caliber bullets barrel revolver Hammer Trigger Parts of the LeMat Revolver Springfield Model 1861 3) The Springfield is a standard rifle-musket used in the civil war. It's a single shot muzzle loading gun detonated with a percussion cap. 3) It has estimated that about 1 million were manufactured during the Civil War. It was the most common used rifle during the Civil War. 3) The Springfield uses .58 caliber minie balls. Its maximum range is 500 yards but its effective range is 300 yards. 4) The design of the Colt revolving rifle was similar to revolver type pistols. It had a rotating cylinder that held 5 or 6 bullets of calibers from .36 to .64 inches. 4) The model 1855, was the most widely used revolving rifle. 4) The rifle used percussion caps.

A cartridge consisting of powder and a lead ball were loaded in the front of the chamber and were then compressed with a plunger located beneath the barrel. Colt Revolving Rifle Gatling Gun 6) This hand-driven machine gun was invented by Richard J. Gatling during the American Civil War. It consists of multiple barrels revolving around a central axis and is capable of being fired at a rapid rate. 6) On the original 6 barrel, it fired 58. caliber bullets 350 rounds a minute.

It also has 10 barrels that fire 30. caliber bullets 400 rounds per minute. 6) The Gatling Gun played an important role in the Civil War giving a small number of troops an enormous amount of advantages.

The same type of concept is still used today! (2) (5) (6) (1) (2) By: Michael Beimel
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