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Cause and Effect

No description

Amy McCann

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Cause and Effect

What is "cause and effect?"
So frequently teachers ask, what was the
cause and effect in the reading?

Please write your definition of cause and
effect on notebook paper.
The outcome or the
of an action done.
You try!
Now what? We know the definitions but
how can we determine the cause and effect
while reading?
The reasons why
a particular situation or
thing happened.
Cause and Effect
Defining the terms
Effect: Flooding during rainy season

Effect: Grounded by parents- not allowed
to hang out with friends

1. Come up with 2 examples of
an effect (should be an outcome of
something or a consequence).

2. Share with a partner. Your
partner should try to guess at least
2 causes for each effect.
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