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OSS Presentation


Marie Rath

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of OSS Presentation

Utilizing Near Infrared (NIR) for Oil Shale Processing
Shale Tech International Services Uses NIR For:
Real Time Kerogen Content Detection
Real Time Moisture Detection
Real Time Performance Assessments
Shale Blending
Automating Retort Functionality
NIR Results Compared to Fisher Assay 2010-2013
How Shale Tech International Services Uses NIR Technology
STIS' Modeling Improvements
STIS' Future Plans for NIR Technology
NIR vs. Free Moisture Analysis
Future Focus: Additional development is needed on moisture rich shale.
Real-Time Shale Grade Detection
Real-Time Yield Assessments
Automating Retort Functionality
Real-Time Moisture Detection
Shale Blending
VNIR (350-1000 nm) - 512 element Si photodiode array overlaid with an order filter
SWIR 1 (1001 - 1830 nm) - Concave holographic grating and a TE cooled InGaAs photodiode
SWIR 2 (1831 - 2500 nm) Concave holographic grating and a TE cooled InGaAs photodiode
NIR collects spectra at the
rate of 0.1 seconds per
spectral scan.
A 100 spectrum average
is used which is approximately
10 seconds of scan
collection per sample
Talking Points
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