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Android Application Development - Brainvire

Android Application Development - Brainvire Introduction offers Customized Customized and multi-functional mobile apps with the revolutionary use of the interface design. Visit us @ http://www.brainvire.com/android-application-development/

deep bhatt

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Android Application Development - Brainvire

Android Application Development

Get Your buisness Verticles On Android Application
How many ideas , opportunities you can have just imagine with Android Apps
70 % mobile user uses Android phones
How to improve Android Marketing
Android Application Development Services used in Business Verticals
The Top Five Business Benefits of Android Application
1) An Ideal Platform for Companies New To Mobile
Android applications are written in Java, with a rich set of libraries. Anyone with a working knowledge of Java can get Android applications up and running with relative ease. Java programmers are plentiful in the marketplace (especially in this economy) and the Android platform documentation is very good. There’s never been a better time to attempt the jump into mobile development. Android makes this easy.
Challenges and opportunities
Challenge is to reach them and provide better Services
Identify the problem
Problem Is marketing strategy
How to reach them
Whom to target
Unique Ideas
Versatile service
Proper Engagement of people
You ROI will Increase
You will get enormous User's
You will be brand
You will be paid to advertise
Get your audience excited
Make New Exiting Changes
Cherish them with Some goodies
Give them new things in your App
help them to get Everything from you
Show how things would improve
Make them login via

linked in
Give news feed of what they want
Services For them
Contact saves
Song suggestion
Friends feeds
instant live serivces

Your Reach to your clients will be inormous
2) A Variety of Distribution Mechanisms
3) Best Mobile Platform for Inter-Application Integration
Future of Androids Apps as marketing media
Brainvire Infotech PVT LTD
All Android Phones
user will be your reah
your advertise will reach them personally
I don't see any cons :)

Do you ? please share
Infinite opportunities once your application becomes popular you can be any where Example
Just think How many Apps can connect your targeted customers
Why ????
Hire Mobile Developer
visit us @ www.brainvire.com
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