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nyrrah shackelford

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Top five colleges for me my colleges names of my top 5 colleges Atlanta institute of Music Barry University Nyrrah shackelford Albany state university the art institute of Dallas is a college a lot of
things but the one reason i would
attend this college is to become a fashion designer federal financial aid is available at Atlanta institute of music art institute of Dallas -fashion design classes
-located in many states(i prefer
new york)
-in down town Manhattan
-has many curriculum's
-school of art and design Albany State University is a four-year, state-supported historically black university located in Albany It is one of three HBCU's in the University System of Georgia you must have a high school diploma of GED to get in the school must be a U.S citizen or eligible citizen must maintain a satisfactory academic progress Once a student has been accepted for admission to AIM and has applied for Federal Financial Aid, their Financial Aid File will be processed. Barry University is a private, Catholic institution with a history of academic excellence in the Dominican tradition. Founded in 1940 in Miami, Florida the University enrolls 2,747 full-time undergraduate students and 3,748 graduate students. Barry University is a scholarly community committed to the highest academic standards in undergraduate the Catholic intellectual tradition, integration of study, reflection and action inform the intellectual life. American Musical and Dramatic Academy–New York AMDA is recognized throughout the industry for its rich history and tradition of launching some of the most successful careers in theatre Founded in 1964 by Philip H. Burton – the actor and instructor best known for helping launch the career of his adopted son, Richard Burton By 1970, the school had outgrown its original location on East 23rd Street and moved into a new building on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village Today, AMDA is a thriving college on both coasts, having grown well beyond its humble beginnings to become a fully accredited institution offering both conservatory studies and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees to more than 1,000 students annually http://www.amda.edu/about-amda/#history http://aim-music.com/ http://www.barry.edu/default.html?source=google&Ad=Barry01Ad06&gclid=CPOnvO3z-bYCFYtDMgod5E8Afg http://www.asurams.edu/ http://visit.artinstitutes.edu/serch/dynamic/Focus.aspx?RIFID=7379&account=national&CID=GOOGS_AIWA_0911_SRCH_001&keyword=arts%20institute&net=search&pcrid=18181847900&rank=1t1&SOURCE=PSGSR Arnt institue of Dallas Albany state univirsty Atlanta institute of music Barry Univirsty American Musical and Dramatic Academy–New York Huff 1st hour
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