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American History timeline 2

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cristiano ronaldo

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of American History timeline 2

American History Timeline American Revolution: April 19, 1775
The americans fought a life-and-death struggle for liberty
With help from France and Other nations, the U.S deafeted the British and won their war for independence Declaration Of Independence: July 4, 1776
With the bold words of the Declaration of independence, the U.S became a Nation
First Official U.s Flag: june 14, 1777
it was the first official 13 star flag of the U.S
the 13 stars represented the first 13 colonies
U.s Constitution: May-Sep 1787
this is the supreme law of the U.s
it is the relationship of the federal
gevernment to the state, citizens, and all the people within the U.s
U.s Supreme Court's supreme's 1st meet: Feb. 22, 1790:
this took place in "the merchants exchange building in New York City
their first accual case was in 1792
George Washington ( 1st President ) March 4, 1789
he was often revered by americans as the " father of our country "
he was also at first Commander-in-chief of the U.s Forces during the Revolutionary War John Adams ( 2nd President of the u.s ) march 4, 1797
was 1st vice president of the U.s
he was one of the major negotiator of the eventual peace treaty with Brittain Thomas Jefferson (3rd President) March 4 1801
he was the principle author of the declaration of independence
he promoted republicanism The war of 1812-1815
the war of the desire of U.S terretorial expantion
U.S forces defeat the brittish The first public highschool 1821
it was called Boston english highschool John Quinsy Adams (6th President) March 4, 1825
He was also an american diplomat AQndrew Jackson (7th President) March 4, 1829
he was the military governer of Florida
He led the through the battle of new orleans Indian Removal act May 28, 1830
the act authorized to forcely move native americans from the east part of the U.S texas declares its independence from mexico march 1, 1836 oregon treaty fixes U.s-canadian border june 15, 1846 mexican war may 13, 1846
U.S declares war on mexico
u.s wanted california and other southern states treaty of GUadalupe hidalgo feb. 2, 1848
the mwxico war cocludes with this Gold rush in california jan. 24, 1848
gold is discovered in sutter's mill california compromise of 1850
4 year confrentation between South and North states about slavery Gadsden purchase treaty dec. 30, 1853
U.s buys border territory from mexico for 10 million dollars kansas nebraska act may 30, 1854
establishes the territories of kansas and nebraska abraham lincoln is elected 16th president Nov. 6, 1860
seccesfully led his country during the civil war
first republican president Civil war starts april 12, 1861
war North against South
Fight over expansion of slavery to western states battle of gettysberg July 1-3 1863
Army of the potomac defeated Gen. lee's invasion of the north Imancipation proclamation Jan. 1 1863
Proclamating that slaves should be free
signed by president abraham lincoln Homestead act jan. 1, 1863
a law that let some one who had lived in a land for 5 years or more to own it
Lincoln is assasinated april 15, 1865
he got shot in the head by john wilkens booth in Washington dc U.S buys alaska from russia march 30, 1867
for a sum of 7.2 milion dollars Ulysses S. Grant (18th President) march 4, 1869 Chicago Fire Kills 300 and leaves 90,000 people homeless Oct. 8-9, 1871 james a. garfield ( 19th president) march 4, 1881
he got shot on july 1st statue of liberty Oct. 28 1886
given to us by france
this represented the friendship between both of our countries n.a.w.s.a. is founded july 2, 1890
stands for national american woman suffrage assosiation
the first president there was elizabeth katy stanton Last major battle of the Indian wars Dec. 29, 1890
wars between americans and native americans ellis island becomes chief immigration station of the u.s jan. 1, 1892
this was the gateway for immigrants into the united states
grover cleveland is inaggurated president for the 2nd time in the u.s march 4, 1893
the only president to have non-consecutive innaguration spanish american war feb. 15, 1898
a conflict between spain and the u.s
started with the mysterious sinkig the the uss main ship of the u.s
treaty of paris is signed dec. 10, 1898
this ended the spanish-american war Galvestain hurricane sep. 8, 1900
leaves 6,000 to 8,000 people dead U.s aquires panama canal nov. 17, 1903
joins the atlantic ocean to the pacific ocean san francisco earthquake april 18 1906
leaves 500 dead theodoree roosevelt becomes 26th president sept. 14, 1901 wright brothers create the first controllable airplene April 18, 1906 FBI is established july 26, 1908
first organization stronger the police world war 1: U.s Enters war april 6, 1917
entered declaring war on germany to defend our alies world war one begins 1914 amistace signed ending world war 1 Nov. 11, 1918 panam canal opens to traffic aug. 15, 1914
First long distance telephone service january 25, 1915
demontration from new york to san francisco Jeanett ranking becomes first woman in the house of representatives nov. 7 1916 world wide epidemic influenza strikes in 1918
by 1920 nearly 20 million are dead league of nations meet for the first time jan. 13. 1919
U.S is not represented treaty of Verseilles nov. 19 1919
was made to give theterms of peace after world war 1
it was rejected by the senate tea pot dome breaks Oct. 1923
the senate launches an investigation to see who did the naval oil spill tenessee made a law that no one could teach about evolution in public schools march 23 1923 Charles lindbergh makes the first solo tranlastic flight may 20-21 1927
his plane was called the spirit of st. louis
herbert hoover is made 31st president march 4, 1929
he was a proffesional mining engineer and author great depression oct. 29, 1929
this was a severe world wide economic depression where no one had money and were very poor the star spangled banner is adopted as the U.s national anthem march 3, 1931
it was a poem written by the poet francis scott key after seeing a bombardeart during the war of 1812 katie wyatt caraway becomes the first woman in the senate jan. 12, 1932
she took the place of her husband when he died amelia earheart becomes the first woman to do a translantic flight all by her self may 21, 1932 social security act is passed aug. 14, 1935
it was an attepmt to limit old age, poverty, unnenployement, ect... world war 2 1939 u.s declares war on japan dec. 8, 1941
this happened because of the attack of the jappaneese on pearl harbor germany and italy declares war on the u.s dec. 11, 1941 allies invade france on d-day june 6 1944 president roosavelt dies of a stroke april 12, 1945
he is succeded by his vice president harry truman Germany surrenders may 7, 1945 u.s drops atomic bomb on hiroshima japan aug. 6, 1945 U.S drops atomic bomb on nagazaki, japan aug. 9 1945 Japan surrenders aug. 14, 1945
this ended world war 2 korean war june 25, 1950
a cold war conflict between communist and non-communist in north korea the first american sattelite is launched jan. 31, 1958
it was called the explorer 1 john f kennedy becomes the 35th president of the u.s
he was the commander of the motor torpedo boat pt-109
got assasinated with a shot in the head Martin luther king jr. gives his i have a dream speech aug. 28 1963
in front of a crowd of 200,000 people marrtin luther king jr. gets assasinated in memphas, tenn. april 4, 1968 Neil armstrong and edwin adrin becomes the first man to land on the moon july 20, 1969 persian gulf war jan. 16, 1991
u.s helps kuwait to beat iraq Cold war lastest from 1941 to 1991
a political conflict continuing world war 2 george w bush becomes 43rd president of the u.s jan. 20, 2001 Twin towers get 2 airplanes crashed into them in the worst terrorist attack sep. 11, 2001
a third highjacked plane hit the pentagon
more than 3,000 people died space shuttle columbia explodes feb. 1, 2003
it exploded while entering the earths atmosphere again
all 7 austronauts died male student kills 2 in virginia tech. april 16, 2007
after he killed 30 in a classroom before commiting suicide barack obama becomes 44th and current president of the u.s
first ever black male president
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