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HRE2O1-01: The Seven Traits of Human Beings

Grade 10, HRE2O1- 04: Religion

Megan Pahati

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of HRE2O1-01: The Seven Traits of Human Beings

Megan Pahati, Johara Russel, Gabby Sienes and Victoria Vasquez
1. of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or having the nature of people
2. consisting of people

3. of or relating to the social aspect of people
The Seven Traits of Human Beings
humans are created in the image and likeliness of God
humans are called to happiness and holiness
humans are rational and free
humans are moral beings
humans have passions and feelings
humans are blessed with a conscience
humans are able to sin
What is a conscience?
[kon-shuh ns]
present at the heart of every living person
voice that convinces us to do right rather than wrong
God's personal messenger or voice within us
ethical or moral principles that impel an individual to do the right thing
our conscience often times debates between the right and wrong options available
everyone's conscience is private, which is why our decisions are typically based from what we know and understand rather than from what others think
the purpose behind a conscience is to lead us in the right direction
Our Conscience:
our conscience is applied when making a decision
personal knowledge regarding the situation, in combination with God's expectation of us contributes towards our final decision
our conscience is used everyday, whether we realize it or not
1.There are _________ traits of a human being.

2. Our conscience is a ________ that tells us right from wrong.

3. Conscience is based on our _________ and __________ principles.

4. The purpose of a conscience is to ____________________________________.

5. ____________________ are greatly impacted by our conscience.
moral ethical
lead us in the right direction
Final decisions
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