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Education For Leisure B2 Vickers

No description

Anuja Bagri

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Education For Leisure B2 Vickers

By: Anuja, Tejas, Austin, and Eashan
"Today I am going to kill something.

I have had enough of being ignored and today

I am going to play God. It is an ordinary day,

a sort of grey with boredom stirring in the streets

I squash a fly against the window with my thumb."
First 5 Lines
3rd Five Lines
world. The

avoids me.
The cat

knows I am a
, and has hidden itself.

pour the
down the bog,

pull the chain.

see that is
is panicking.

Once a
, I walk the miles into
Second 5 Lines
By: Anuja Bagri, Tejas Bolar, Austin Ye, Eashan Yedulla
Education for Leisure
For signing on. They don't appreciate my autograph.
There is
left to kill. I dial the radio.
and tell the man he's talking to a
He cuts me off
. I get our bread-knife and go out.
The pavements
suddenly. I touch

shows the poet's arrogance
Destructive and Physical
"God" A sign of overall power over anything
"Grey" another way of showing why this individual is bored with everything
"The Fly" is the first victim is this person's physical destruction to show their dominance.
He has supreme self confidence
first time the poet addresses the reader which confirms the fear. Sending a warning that ignoring him/her was a bad idea
Poet just wants to be noticed. When the RJ ignores the poet, the poet decided that this is the last straw.
indication that positive energy has turned into destructive energy
tone: calm which can instill sense of fear in the reader
he feels ignored and underappreciated. foreshadowing something bigger.
This one word shows
a short burst or jab,
forshadowing towards
the ending.
Important to note that
gender is not specified.
Line characterizes the speaker. He is shown as deluded and exaggerates his own self worth. Suggests god complex. Trying to prove self worth.
We did that at school.

It was in another language and now the
fly is in another language.

breathe out talent
on the glass to write my name.

I am a genius
. I could be anything at all, with
half the chance.

But today
I am going to change the world.
Fly is obsolete like language. Idea of violence shown throughout poem. Speaker shown as aggressor but thinks he is a victim
Sentence written as if author is confident, but that is not true. Looking for self worth.
Sentence shows how much the speaker is in their head. Too cocky and deluded. Repeated idea. Shows the power he "thinks" he has.
Attention grabbing first line. Feeling of shock in the reader.
Metaphor: Usually, only God can control one's life or death. By playing God, he is technically saying that he/she is more powerful than God himself.
Introduction To Education for Leisure

-Dramatic Reading(Girl)

-Dramatic Reading(Boy)

Discussion question #1 - Do you think the narrator is a boy or girl? Why? (Post it Note: ORANGE)
Gives background: poet has already killed so much
Discussion Question #2- What do YOU think the poet is upset or angry about? (GREEN Sticky Note)
Literary Elements + Analysis
education, mental health, curiosity, violence

Meaning of the Title:ONE INTERPRETATION:
Ironic Title- Education is supposed to lead people to employment and positive lives but in this case, the narrator's education is leading him to an idle and bored life (probably unemployed)- which has proven to be dangerous.

Discussion Question 3: Do you think the narrator was an aggressor or a victim of the education system? (PINK STICKY NOTE)

The Phrase "Ignored"
shows a soft side
of the narrator
as they are only doing
this because they feel
useless and ignored
Too Normal
A tendency for violence. He/She hurts an object that cannot hurt back, and gets pleasure from it.
He believes that the only power he has is physical, so the only way to "change" the world was to destroy it.
None of this satisfied him, as he wanted human contact.
The use of the word budgie,instead of bird, shows his lack of education
The repeated use of I and Duffy's refusal to put commas to separate the ideas leads her to use periods. This adds a lot more emphasis to each and every action
He does not seem concerned by any of this: Calm tone.
Regular Event, why every Fortnight?
Lives outside of town, rural, adds a mysterious effect on the author...what does he do miles out of town where maybe no one can see him?
Historical Context
In England, and pretty much all over the world, education was not as valued as it is today. This is especially for the mentally disabled/disturbed as there were not given the attention and care that was needed to give them a fair opportunity. They were disregarded, and this must have led to some angry, irrational beings.

Literary Features

shown in the line "boredom Stirring"

- "boredom stirring in the streets"

shown in the use of God
"I breathe out talent on the glass".

- Author has references to Shakespeare's King Lear
References to the Bible - "I see that it is good." - Genesis I: “And God saw that it was good.”

- Use Of I to add emphasis, "kill"

Short Sentences
- shows that narrator is not very intelligent? Jabbing quality.

- "pavements glitter"
Thanks For Listening!
Does the author literally think that Shakespeare was in a different language? Could he just not comprehend the language?

A somewhat juvenile thing to do. Fascination of condensation.
Not many completely sane people refer to themselves as geniuses
Feels cheated/ held back
Means collecting money: suggests unemployment
Introduce Patient's Diagnosis Activity
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