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How Globilization has affected my identity.


Ryan Gines

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of How Globilization has affected my identity.

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Economic Social Political Globalization Globalization Globalization Historical Globalization This type of globalization has made a big impact on my identity mostly because of the technology and social networks.Every day more and more ideas are being shared through them ;and most of the ideas consist on how to live better,make money, or even attract attention for self pleasure.I also think that this type of globalization has improved my view of the world and the things around me. Has given me a variety of products that are from other countries .Without economic globalization i would not be able to see, the different kinds of style in clothing and also a taste of Mediterranean foods, such as chinese or mexican food. Has impacted the way I see my self and also the way I think.I came from a wealthy family, which had made me proud of myself,parents,brother and other family members.
Other people might have a different type of family history and a whole lot different views of themselves. I personally think that Historical globalization makes a positive impact on our identity because it could motivate you in your life or perhaps even teaches you the mistakes that was done in the past to make your life better. Political globalization can be very difficult to described because of all the number of ways it can influence your identity; so I will make a list on how it affected me.
clothing style
type of food
everyday rules
Location of family/were I live
amount of money
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