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Nadia Bella

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Afghanistan

Islam is the official religion in Afghanistan.Types of Afghan groups that practice Islam are:Sunni Islam = 80-89%,and Shi'a Islam = 10-19%.Islam is about the belief in one God (Allah).Islam shares many related figures with Judisum and Christianity,but Muslims cite that Muhammad as the last prophet to recieve divine from God.
In 977-1186 Islam was introduced in the 7th century in the Ghaznavid Empire,years later in 1526-1707 Mughal Dynasty took over eastern Afghanistan and the Indian Subcontinent and Safavid Dynasty had western Afghanistan in 1501-1732.In 1747 Ahmed Shah Durrani founded Afghanistan's modern roots in the Durrani Dynasty.In the 1800's Afghanistan was in the 19th century struggle for territory and influence between the Russian and British empires (called the Great Game).Prince Muhammad Daoud established the Republic of Afghanistan and made himself prime minister in 1973.In 1979 the Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan to prevent the communist governments collapse,the result killed 1.5 million people and drove more than 6 million peole to Pakistan and Iran.Different factions in Kabul began fighting each other for control of the country,the Taliban began punishing Mujahidin commanders from other groups for atrocites they had commited against civilians.By 1996 the Taliban took over Kabul,and by 2000 the Taliban controlled 90% of the country.In 2001 a terrorist attack occured on the World Trade Center in New York City in September.Tribal officials met in June to create a two-year transitional government,they chose Hamid Karzi as president.In January 2004 a constitution was approved.
People of Afghanistan dress appropriately for the climate they live in.Men and women have different styles and their clothing is unlike other cultures in the world.Afghanistan female citizens often dress in Burkas,which cover their bodies and face in public. Women usually wear a Tombaan which is a type of pants ,and a Parahaan which is an overdress and a head covering called a chaadar.
Afghanistan is a multilingual country.Pashto and Dari are both the official and most widely spoken languages.The minor languages in Afghanistan are Uzbeki, Turkmeni,Nuristani, Balochi,and Pashai.Small ethnic groups speak their own languages or a dialect of a major language.Dari is the most common to speak ,but Pashto is the language of the national anthem.
Photo of 9-11-01
BY: Nadia Mohammadulla
Terrorist's attack Twin Towers (World Trade Center).

The popular dishes in Afghanistan include:Kofta(meatballs), Nan (Afghan bread), Quroot(dried yogurt), Sher Berinj(rice pudding), Mantu (meat dumplings), and Kababs(skewed meat chops). The most common drink in Afghanistan is chai (tea) either green or black.The Islamic law forbids the consumption of alcohol and pork,and most people comply.Urban diets are usually more varied than rural diets,but shortage of food or the money to buy it are severe.

Afghanistan has four main holidays and they are: Nowroze:starts the first day of spring,Eid Al-Fitr:starts after Ramadan, many people start it by wearing new clothes and pray,and also Eid Al-Adha:starts on the 10th of the 12th month on the Islamic calender.Victory of the Muslim Nation Day(also called Mujahidin Victoy Day) is an official holiday for Afghans but mostly celebrated for the government.Islamic holidays are more prominent and are scheduled according to a lunar calendar.During holidays,Afghans usually visit friends and family,prepare meals,and for Isalmic holidays,attend special prayers.
This is a kids Afghan clothes for special occasion.
These are what little girls wear on Eid Al-Fitr,Eid Al-Ada,Nowroze,and etc.
These are people praying on Eid or daily
These are what girls wear to special holidays
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