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The Cheyenne Tribe

No description

haley bartlett

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of The Cheyenne Tribe

The Cheyenne Indians Native Americans The most well known of the plains indian tribes was the Cheyenne tribe. Along with the Sioux and Arapaho, the Cheyenne tribe originally lived in stationary villages. They occupied much of what is now Minnesota in the eastern parts of the country. In the early 1800's, they migrated to the high plains. They then divided into two groups known as the Northern Cheyenne and the Southern Cheyenne and ranged from the Missouri and Arkansas River. Some of the tools and weapons that the Cheyenne indians used were speres and axes. Weapons and tools Their valued freedom and relationship with the created world made the Cheyenne tribe very proud people. The Cheyenne tribe women were virtuous and the men were brave providers. They celebrated many events and accomplishments with ceremonies and tribal rituals. The Cheyenne tribe went places. To get there they walked. After acquiring horses from the spanish, they rode on horse back. Transportation The Cheyenne tribe had a unique style of clothes. They usually wore long colorful dress. On the bottom and the back of the dress were feathers. Sometimes they would wear headbands around their head with maybe one feather or more. They made their clothing out of buck skin, buffalo skin, and other furry animal hides. The clothing Artifacts Indian art Before the europeans came the Cheyenne indians lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming. When they came they Cheyenne territory covered South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado , and Kansas. Today, the Northern Cheyenne reside primarily in Montana on their own reservation and the Southern Cheyenne tribe resides in Oklahoma. The Cheyenne Cultural Center is located in Clinton, Oklahoma. Where the Cheyenne tribe lived http://www.indians.org/articles/cheyenne-tribe.html http://www.kidport.com/reflib/usahistory/NativeAmericans/Cheyenne.hmtl This indian was the Cheyenne tribe's chief. The Cheyenne indians lived in teepees when they were hunting buffalo. They would kill the buffalo and use every part liver, heart, bones,ect. They would use some parts to eat and some parts for tools.They lived in teepees when hunting for food because they are easy to put up and easy to take down. They would use a travois that was carried by a dog to move there things. They lived in wigwams as their permanent shelter. Their home Place on map where the Cheyenne tribe lived South Dakota Nebraska Kansas Colorado Wyoming Montana North Dakota Minnesota Wisconsin Iowa Missouri Oklahoma Arkansas Texas Louisiana New Mexico Arizona Utah Ohio Nevada Oregon California
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