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Human Resources Excellence

Siemens Orienta Giovani, Italian Vocational Guidance Initiatives

Andrea Masala

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Human Resources Excellence

The last edition we held at Siemens Bicocca, Milan
Engaged Employees are effective brand ambassador
To whom are dedicated those events?
Middle school students
High school graduates, looking for a job
University graduates, looking for a job
Here is the link to our Facebook fan page where you can see all the pictures taken during the event and much more! http://on.fb.me/14Wbmv2

On the left, some of the works of the children
Italy, Milan
February 2015
Italian HR Magazine
Human Resources Excellence
Take a look at the video of the edition of May 24, 2013
Siemens Orienta Giovani are periodic initiatives of vocational guidance dedicated to the children of employees. We believe that young people and colleagues represent a precious resource to ensure a future of innovation and sustainability. In this context Siemens intends to offer more services to their employees and their families.
Siemens Orienta Giovani
Italian Vocational Guidance initiatives
Friday, January 16, 2015 was held the event Siemens Orienta Giovani dedicated to the children of employees enrolled in middle school. From 15.00 to 17.30 we hosted about 50 guys at the headquarters of Milan Bicocca. The main topic of the afternoon was the EXPO
Talent Acquisition, Siemens Italy
Restricted © Siemens 2015 - All rights reserved.

Curious to find out what we did during our last Edition?
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