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Unequal Distribution of water in Middle East

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Karan Patel

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Unequal Distribution of water in Middle East

The people are having unequal distribution of water in the middle east, such as Iraq. They are having water shortages so the plants don't get enough water.
Possible Political Problems.
Since Syria and Turkey built dams near the Euphrates River, Iraq got less amount of water which led to conflict between the three countries.
Areas Most Impacted
Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq are the most areas that have been impacted because most of the land in those countries are desert and most of the northern countries such as Turkey and Syria built dams near the Euphrates river so the southern countries didn't get enough water.
Lots of people are polluting the water in the Middle East and cause of that lots of people are getting sick. Main reason for polluted water is because of oil, fertilizers, sewage and etc.
Farmers Worst Nightmare
Unequal Distribution of water in Middle East
By: Karan Patel and Prit Patel
Date: September 3, 2015
Period: 5th
Class: World Geography
Salt Water
Since, salt water was not healthy to drink.Saudi Arabia used the oil money and used the desalination process.
Impact on Irrigation
Since the water was polluted the farmers couldn't water the plants and the plants eventually died.
Problems for Middle East People
Villages downstream from oil industries usually have the worst water since the oil spills occur leaving the people with worse water.
Citizens V.S Government
Citizens might not like the Government because the Government is ignoring the fact about cleaning the oil spill out of the water for the Citizens.
Conflict over Tigris River
The countries Turkey and Syria almost got in a conflict because Turkey built a dam near the Tigris River and cause of that Syria didn't get enough water.
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