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Pulsating Universe Theory

Does the universe expand and contrast?

Lauren Parynis

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Pulsating Universe Theory

The Pulsating Universe Theory Summary 1. The Pulsating Universe Theory says that the universe follows infinite self-sustaining cycles such as expanding and contrasting. 2. The theory also says that after the universe has been contracted to a certain size, explosion occurs and the universe will start expanding. 3. The theory also states that the universe is "living" and keeps pulsating in and out. The universe expands at a rapid rate with gravity and inertia and eventually inertia will run out and gravity will be left and will cause the universe to pull in to itself and create a "crunch" Evidence Redshift happens when light seen
coming from an object that is moving
away is proportionally increased in
wavelength. (corresponding points
of the same phase). There are two things that support
this theory: CMBR (Cosmic Microwave
Background Radiation) and Redshift. CMBR is radiation left
over from an early stage
in the development of
the universe. Problems The problem is that there
is not enough mass in the
universe to create the "crunch". The "crunch" is when the
universe kind of pulls in
to itself because when
the universe expands,
it has to expand with
gravity and inertia and
eventually inertia will
run out nad gravity will be
stuck by itslef. When gravity
stuck by itself it will cause
the universe to pull in
to itself and will creat this
massive "crunch" at a rapid
rate. Universe Universe Universe
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