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Iqbal Masih


Erin Ji In Lee

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Iqbal Masih

Iqbal Masih
An Amazing Peacekeeper
By Erin Lee
About Iqbal Masih
Iqbal was an amazing peacekeeper who had consistent courage and passion. Although he was young, he risked a lot of things in his life to stop child slavery and bondage.
1. Escaped and took action
At the age of 4 Iqbal’s family sold him into bondage. He worked at a carpet factory; he had to work for 24 hours. He was chained to a loom and had to tie knots all day. Kids who tried to escape got beaten by the factory owner. Iqbal was a very skillful carpet maker, but hated the fact that he was forced into doing it. At the age of 10, Iqbal was brave enough to escape the carpet factory. After he escaped, he joined the BLLF (Bonded Labor Liberation Front of Pakistan) to help child labor around the world.
2. Spoke Against Child Slavery
Although Iqbal was just a little child, he was brave enough to speak against child slavery. He made speeches about child slavery all around the world. He spoke about his own experiences as a bonded-child labor. He was not intimidated by the crowds and spoke with such conviction that took many notice of him. Iqbal had strong courage and NEVER gave up. He became very popular among people that were moved by his speeches.
to be like Abraham Lincon
free all children
let children have an education
to make a school for children who have never had education in their life before
Iqbal's Dreams
3. Helped thousands of children escape to freedom
Iqbal helped over 3000 Pakistan children that were in bonded labor escape to freedom. Iqbal was only 10 when he escaped and spoke against child slavery. I think what made it possible for him to do this was his courage. Iqbal was very brave and passionate towards freeing kids all around the world that suffered child labor just like him.
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