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Investment Climate Overview


beso cha

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Investment Climate Overview

Services MBD Advertising Agency
MBD Event Management
MBD Media Placement Works
MBD Online Marketing
MBD Branding
MBD Advertising Agency MBD Event Management Tourism – a whole new holiday destination IT & Telecommunications – the next big thing Energy – untapped export potential HealthCare & Pharmaceuticals – quickly modernizing Real Estate - the most rapidly growing industry of the Georgian economy Invest in Free Industrial Zones The first Free Industrial Zone in the Caucasus region
Strategically important location between Europe and Asia
Easy access from East and West
Georgia has favorable Trade Regimes, with EU, USA, CIS countries, Turkey and with many others
The shortest transit route between China and Europe TAXES IN FREE INDUSTRIAL ZONE

Profit Tax exemptions for enterprises defined as Foreign Enterprises by the Customs Code of Georgia and registered in the Free Industrial Zones

Imported goods into the FIZ are exempt from VAT payment

Transactions and operations carried out in the FIZ are exempt from VAT payment

Property Tax exemption for the Free Industrial Zone enterprises

Import of foreign goods into the FIZ is exempt from Customs Tax

Goods manufactured in the FIZ and exported to the territory of Georgia is exempt from Customs Tax Our main area of expertise is conceptualizing and executing exclusive event services . A touch of creative components promises just the right balance between innovation and tradition for a unique and memorable experience.
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