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Research On and With Clickers

Workshop given at the 2012 Western Michigan University SoTL Conference

Derek Bruff

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Research On and With Clickers

Students in sections whose instructors used chalkboards scored half a letter grade higher than students in other sections!
Research On and With Clickers
Derek Bruff - derekbruff.org - @derekbruff
"Finite Cyclic Groups," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
Are Chalkboards Effective?
I started using chalkboards and my exam scores went up by 10 points!
Students hated it last semester when I started using chalkboards!
I taught two sections last semester--one with chalkboards and one without--and there was no difference in test grades!
I won't use chalkboards in my class until I see proof that they work better than traditional methods!
How experienced are you in teaching with clickers?
A. I've not used clickers at all.
B. I'm just getting started with clickers.
C. I'm comfortable with the basics.
D. I'm a power user.
How experienced are you in the scholarship of teaching and learning?
A. I've engaged in SoTL at all.
B. I'm just getting started with SoTL.
C. I've finished a SoTL project or two.
D. I'm a veteran SoTLer.
Think of a course in which you do or might use clickers. How many students are in that course?
A. Less than 15
B. 15-30
C. 31-60
D. 61-100
E. More than 100
About You
Peer Instruction
Instructor poses question.
Students answer independently.
Instructor views results.
If most answer correctly, briefly discuss question.
If students are split, have them discuss in pairs and revote.
Instructor leads classwide discussion.
If most answer incorrectly, backtrack.
What variables might you test in the "classic" peer instruction method?
Research Genres
Clickers vs. Other Response Methods
Stowell & Nelson (2007)
Yourstone, Kraye, & Albaum (2008)
Difference in exam scores for clickers vs. pencil-and-paper end-of-class quiz takers
Observations and Interviews
Hoekstra (2008)
"bins," James Butler, Flickr (CC)
"open mic," Ed Schipul, Flickr (CC)
James, Barbieri, & Garcia (2008)
Clickers vs. No Clickers
Four Months Later
Final Exam
Non-Clicker Material
Clicker Material
Crossgrove & Curran (2008)
Graham, Tripp, Seawright, & Joeckel (2007)
"Dudes!", Jason Garber, Flickr (CC)
"angry face," teapics, Flickr (CC)
Research Using Clickers
Jacobs (2007)
Spradley (2008)
"Tug of War," Joe Philipson, Flickr (CC)
Your Turn!
What questions about student learning would you like to try to answer about or with clickers?
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