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QB1 by Mike Lupica

No description

Michael Mandt

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of QB1 by Mike Lupica

QB1 by Mike Lupica
Mike Lupica was born in Oneida, New York but grew up in Nashua, New Hampshire. He graduated from Boston College.
Mike Lupica has co-written many autobiographies and has wrote many novels. He often appears on the ESPN show, The Sports Reporters where they discuss current sports topics. He also has written columns for many newspapers.
Jake Cullen has played football all of his life. His dad was played in the NFL and his brother plays for the University of Texas. Jake is a Freshman on the Varsity squad competing for the starting job. In the first game of the season Their starter get hurt and is out for the season. So now it is between Jake and the other quarterback Casey Lindell. Jake gets playing time and eventually he gets more playing time throughout the season. Jake has a few confrotations with the other quarterback Casey because Jake ends up getting more playing time than Caesy.
Jake and Caesy don't actually fight Jake walks away. Jake also finally gets with the girl of his dreams, Sarah Rayburn. The team makes it to the State Championship game. And the game comes down to the last play.
My rating out of five stars.
I would give this book four out of five stars because it has a good storyline and I liked the ending.
I liked this book mainly because it was about sports. I also like this book because it has a good storyline. The book also good conflicts not with just one person but with multiple people. For example Jake has conflicts with his dad, one of the other quarterbacks Casey and he has a conflict with his older brother Wyatt who is in college. The book also has a good ending.
Faimily as a social force
Family is a social force in QB1 because Jake has many conflicts within his family. For example, he has a conflict with his dad when his dad tries to change his throwing motion. He has conflict with the other quarterback, Casey because Jake gets more playing time. Jake also has conflict with his brother, Wyatt. They always fight and do not get along.
Community as a social force
Community is a social force in QB1. Since Jake's high school won the State Championship last year the community has high expectations. But the team isn't projected to do well this season. Jake is also compared to his brother since they are both quarterback playing at the same school.
Connection to TKM
This book connects to TKM because both communities expect somthing. In TKM the community expects Tom Robinson to plead guilty. In QB1 the community expects the football team to do good.
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