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SHOUT pitch

No description

Sérgio Isidoro

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of SHOUT pitch

All about Location Location Location...
And a little more Location...
Telling how you feel to everyone around you!
NO! records... If you're off, you're out !
Because if you are far from action...
You probably don't need to know about it...
#$£§2(=2!!${\]er#$%&$#$"" ***
*** Codebits is awesome
just like the old times...
A Text-Messaging walkie talkie radio
That works exactly like a Walkie Talkie
No following
No HashTags
No searches
Only GPS enabled devices.
User ranking system
(like and dislike)
Small range messages
Main problem is Triangulation***
If you know someone capable of driving around town trying to triangulate your position, please call the police NOW!
Shout examples?
Eugénio Ribeiro
Sérgio Isidoro
Gonçalo Sousa
Francisco Dias
André Silva
Nice party in the bar X...
People from Codebits, free Castanhas outside !
Dear neighbors, the water supply will be out tomorrow
To all IST students, there is a conference starting now at room 001
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