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No description

May Lam

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Gintama

Media & Gender C Challenging female stereotypes The heroine - Yagyuu Kyuubei Gintama Introduction to Gintama "Shinpachi, it's better for men to play around when they're young. If they don't, when they get older, they run the risk of getting played by younger women or entering into unhealthy relationships, that's what my mommy told me." (One opinion per group will be written on the blackboard) Warming up! Case of You cannot defeat me because you are crippled by your own definitions of gender.
- Yagyuu Kyuubei Conclusion! Activity! Build a small group and talk about the clip. Members: May-binh Lam, Madelein-V. Klich
Haruka Sugiyama, Ayaka Gintama challenges female stereotypes, because: female charakters in Gintama are strong and can fight for themselves, as opposing to female stereotypes and usual Jump-Manga females Gintama makes fun of gender
roles and behavior, showing they
are learned, not natural Thank you for listening! "Gintama" is a serialized comic of "Jump", which is a Japanese manga magazine for men.
"Gintama" challenges our stereotypes.

other Japanese comics, our images of the male and female characters... Kagura Meeting
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