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Wreck it Ralph Plot

No description

Connor Kuwahara

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Wreck it Ralph Plot

Wreck it Ralph
The main conflict in the story is about Ralph not wanting to be a bad guy anymore. Other conflicts are about Vannelope being a glitch, the Cybugs taking over Sugar Rush, and King Candy's rule over Sugar Rush.
At the beginning, we learn the history of Ralph, his game Fix it Felix Jr., and learn about his problems. We also see most of the main settings.
The Main Settings
Rising Action
The events in the rising action includes the party, the bad guy meeting in Pac Man, Ralph's trip to Hero's Duty and Sugar Rush, making the cart, Fix it Felix going out of order, and training Vannelope to race.
The climax is when all of the mutated candy Cybugs emerge from underground while Vannelope finds out that King Candy is really Turbo. One of the Cybugs swallow him, turning it into a Cybug-Turbo hybrid. Ralph eventually saves the game by making a beacon in the mountain.
Falling Action
the events in the falling action include fixing the game's code, revealing that Vannelope is a princess. The also describe the epilouge, such as Felix's wedding and Ralph adding a bonus level to the game.
In the end, when the people are about to throw Ralph off the building, he can see Sugar Rush. When he sees how well everyone likes Vannelope's glotching powers, he thinks to himself,"How bad can I be?"
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