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Greek mythology

No description

Cecilie Greve

on 24 June 2015

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Transcript of Greek mythology

Subject outline
What is greek mythology?
Why was the mythology so important?
Does people still believe in the mythology today, if yes why?
- Often married to siblings/children

- The Olympian

- Greek mythology is stories told on and on
- The gods were role models for the humans

- The humans had to respect the gods otherwise there would be disasters in the human world

- The humans had to give something back to the gods in order to live a good life
Does people still believe in it today, if yes why?
- We still use the greek mythology today

- The olympic games

- European art, movies and books
- The mythology was stories, that the humans made about gods and told on and on.

- The mythology was important, so they didn't feel alone and they then had something to believe in.

- People don't believe in the mythology anymore, but it gets used for movies, books, art and other fun stuff today
The greek gods
Uranus and Gaea
cronus and Rhea
- Ruler of the Olympian gods
- God of the sky, weather, thunder,
lightning, law, order and justice
- Married to Hera
Why was the mythology so important to the greeks?

- Mother of earth

- Married to Uranus

- Mother of the 12 titans

- God of the sky

- Married to Gaea

- God of time and ages

- Married to Rhea

- father of Zeus
- God of fertility and maternity

- Married to Cronus

- Mother of Zeus

Go Animate
Why have we chosen this topic?
- Good thing to work with
- Interesting and big topic
- Not boring
Greek mythology
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